My Column: Lekhni-June/July 2015

My columnJuly started here with a sweltering uncomfortable heat-wave . Temperature were un tolerable not only in fahrenheit and celsius but in the moods of the entire nation . As the bodies of  those 30 innocent people shot dead on a beach in Tunisia started to arrive, ordinary people started to worry and wonder- Why?

Is there any place safe now on this  beautiful planet ?  Can we still enjoy our lives and vacations!

Lekhni offers its prayers for departed souls and hearty condolences to victim’s friends and family and sincerely wishes for peace and understanding in the hearts and minds of Guilty.

To give in to the whims of tyrants like a sitting duck, is no defence at all. Each city is brain storming – how does one combat and condemn such fanatic rage! London even prepared its’ civilians against a mock attack.

One thing for sure ‘Attack’ or no attack, life goes on. Summer is the most beautiful season in England with sunshine and blooms all over . A season for Wimbledon, Royal Ascot and famous boat racing between Oxford and Cambridge ; celebrated with full fervour and enthusiasm, with champagne and strawberries.

How can Lekhni be far behind in responding to nation’s summer-cravings and forget British public’s favourite pastime-‘ messing about in the river ‘ canoeing, boating and sailing !

In this 98’ th issue of Lekhni we have assembled some boat related poems and articles for you to read and enjoy. Your feedback will be most appreciated.

Wishing you all a happy and enjoyable summer full of fun and frolic …sun, sea and sand!

Enjoy !

Shail Agrawal

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