Story: Juicy Bites & a poem by Shail Agrawal

Juicy Bites
‘What is that thing called?’
‘Fence, Grandpa !’
How can you forget the name of a thing so vivid and obvious standing in front of you, which you see every-day in the garden!’
Ten year old grandson was a bit puzzled.
‘It happens my son, as one gets older’. Grandpa laughed lovingly
Is he getting senile, contact between his brain and outer world slipping fast? Is he getting dementia?
Hopeful 10 year old future doctor was really worried now.
‘No son, this is called memory loss. Old brain cells die and are replaced by the new one, in older age this connection between recall memory and objects gets loose or the process goes very slow , hence this blip in the memory’. Grandpa replied lovingly.
And this is how people die? Every-thing starts malfunctioning as one progresses in age?
‘Yes’ Grandpa replied and patted him on the back- but worry not, I am not going to pop out so soon . We are going to play lots of football together and tell each other loads of joke Sunny.
‘But I do not want you to die.’
Even with this thought of his Grandpa not being with him in future, Grandson was really worried now.
‘’No I will not die immediately. Even if I do, I will continue living in you my dear son’.
Garand-pa moved forward to hug him.
‘No, no, stay away, keep the two meter distance, I do not want to die either’.
Grandson hurriedly stepped back and then seeing his grandpa’s sad face, murmured,
’ More than anything, This Corona virus is more dangerous for you Grandpa and you know how much I care for you. ’

Love is a many splendid thing
It is a medicine for aching heart
Energy boost for body’s tired parts
A Soothing winning combination
Of our ultimate living art.

Shail Agrawal

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