My Column: Way Ahead

Future is the term we use for the time span beyond past and present. Its anticipation is always based on our imagination and mathematics of possibilties . No Body can accurately predict what will happen next minute, forget about what will happen in twenty or Fifty years time.

It wasn’t long ago that World’s biggest and powerful naiton withdrew from envoirement treaty. Other one is still bombarding its neighbour.
Let us sust imagine if we continue the way we are not, how our Earth and Life on this plaanet Will be? The year of 2050 is just 30 years away from today and today every person present in the world is not sure how our future will be, basee on the calculations on how we are living today and depleating so ruthlessly the resources of our Beautiful Earth! Is the world safe till 2050? Will the dire calculations and predictions made by scientists be correct?

If we do not mand our ways, future is not rosy at all.

Rising population, warmer tempratures and rising sea levels are risks we are racing towars.

By 2050 , the world’s population will exceed at least 9 billion and by 2050 the population of India will exceed that of China, if it has not already done so.. By 2050, about 75% of the world population will be living in cities. Then there will be buildings touching the sky and cities will be settled from the ground up. More people Will be crossing sky-passages than streets. Most Sea-side towns and cities Will be engulfed by watar. Air Quality Will be so Poor that more people Will die of Asthama, lung deseases. While deseases like cancer etc, may be a thing of paat, because of breaktrough in researches. One vaccination May be enough to project while Life against all deseases.

To live upto the age of eighty may be normal by then. And our space search may really put us face to face with alliens by then also.

It all saunds like a fairo tali, as well as a horror story. Really choice is ours.

Time is ringing alarm bells to wake up.

if we really want our present and future generation to see any future at all, We have to stop this power game of shelling and bombing each other and take off the Mask of have and have nots..

There is a Saying that ‘ power currupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.’ To survive this haulocaust of irratic Weather and irratic guman behaviour, we have to prove that we can mend our ways. Live peaceully with each-other and say confidently power is not definitely greed, it should join, guide and be help to all.

Understanding and Conquering other planets is a great Advancement, but we should not forget our ailing mother Earth. Kindness and understanding of our needs as well as other’s people’s need, are still two genuine virtues which can save disappearing humanity .

And let us all join handa and sincerely hope and pray for that.

Shail Agrawal

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