Kids’ Corner: Story-Snow Bud- Shail Agrawal

It was a Sunday morning and they could not play outside, it was snowing so heavily.

Since the Covid spread, ‘if one catches the Cold ,it takes ages to clear.’- It was Mum’s strictest instruction, ‘Not to go out and play in the Snow.’
Ricky and Rimmy were helpless. Ricky and Rimmy were bored. Sitting on the window. they just waited for snow-fall to stop.

Suddenly she came from no where and sat down in front of them at the edge of the flower bed, streched playfully and gave a purring mew towards them and went away.

It was the funniest thing they ever saw. It was the cutest thing they ever saw. They laughed and laughed.

She came again next evening and this time she did not stop at the edge of flower bed but came right upto the big patio window and climbed on its ledge.. Her tali curled up in affection , she was standing on her two legs and with other two holding the window handle. She was trying to peep into the room. That curious cat looked very friendly and a perfect partner to play with.

Ricky and Rimmy went in the kitchen and took out some milk for her in the bowl. Then they took an empty cardboard box and put it near the door with its side open -A perfect room for their Little friend to rest and eat. They put the milk bowl in a corner gently and waited inside for her reaction!

In no time she came and drank all the milk.

Then it became a routine . Every day they will put milk out and she Will come. Drink all the milk, then start playing with them. She was so beautiful, all White and very soft and furry. They started calling her-Snow Bud; their favourite flower.

Now she was every where with them, in the garden , in the house, while they were studying , eating, watching television. She will just sit beside them or in their lap and do whatever they did. Mum and dad used to laugh often, because she used to look so cute when they used to do their homework. her face and eyes looked concentrating as hard as Ricky and Rimmy’s did. One day she even went to send them off to school right upto the bus stop even. She Hopped into the bus with them. But when they said , ‘No , Snow-bud go’, Quietly got down and went away also.
She was an intelligent cat and obedient also.
Ricky and Rimmy were now madly in love with her furry friend and so was she with them. If they did not use to open the door or delayed it, she used to lie down in that cardboard box and wait there.

Life was very sweet for all three of them, till one day, when she came there was a letter stuck inside her collar, which Mum noticed first, and read aloud with a worried look on her face-

‘I am Alice, 85 year old, lonely lady living alone. I live opposite your house in the block of flats. Lizzy ( this Cat) is mine. And it is all I have as a friend or relative. But now even she has deserted me, because you people have befriended her. Please do not snatch my pet from me. She hardly stays with me now. Does not responds to my calls. Refuses to recognize or respond to me completely and it saddens me deeply. She used to be a very loving pet towards me but not any more. I am very-very sad indeed. Will you do the necessary please and return my pet to me, where it belongs.’

After wiping her tears Mum looked straight into her children’s eyes,’ So children, no more Snow-bud here !’

With a heavy heart children put the Snowbud out and closed the door forever for her.
Snow bud still comes sometimes, but now they do not stroke or play with her. Pretend even not to look at her, even though their eyes swell with tears,seeing her lying there for hours on their door step . They are trying to be strong and do the right thing. It was there first lesson in love-learned in a hard and hurtful way, with lot of pain and sadness.
But a lesson is a lesson!
often one had to let go, whatever one loves, because somebody else need it more than they do or simply because it is not their to keep!
Shail Agrawal

‘Pussy Cat , Pussy Cat
Where have You been ?’
‘I went to London to see the Queen.’

‘Pussy cat, Pussy cat
What did You do there?’
‘I frightened a little mouse under the chair.’

An Old Nursery Rhyme.

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