My Column: Human Rights !!

George Orwell wrote,
War is war.
The only good human being are
Dead One
True, yet a mockery of the word indeed.
A right to life is a basic human right and it is blatantly violated by an unlawful war, mocking all civil rights!
What are human rights?
Civil constitutions and welfare organisations say that it includes the right to life and liberty, freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion and expression, the right to work and education. Every human being is entitled to these rights, without discrimination.
International Human Rights Law also states that every person and all peoples are entitled to active, free and meaningful participation in, contribution to, and enjoyment of civil, political, economic, social and cultural development, through which human rights and fundamental freedoms can be realized. But it looks like a frantic race to weed out poor and disadvantageous, so the strong can flourish and wheel their armed muscle to flatten who-ever they don’t like or need.
A convenient economical system indeed. Sell the arms to the street dogs and let them fight.
But these situations and events are no more a capsuled or concealed news , every thing is out in open . Media is watching like a hawk and relaying every second of happenings world-wide. We are living in an era of not heard before openness.
But this invasion and demolition of basic civic human rights by the country of Lenin, Karl Marks and Tolstoy is really baffling. A country who believed in equal rights and equal wealth for all, motherland of communism, so blinded by the lust of power and expansion is really depressing. A country which produced the books like War and peace and Anna Karenina ; establishing the value of honesty and labour of ordinary people, so shamelessly destroying whole neighbourhood is really shocking.
I got the chance to visit Russia’s Saint Petersburgh on Baltic cruise. A beautiful city with a wealth of culture art and beauty. People very courteous and friendly. Visited Tallin almost a fairyland sort of country. Bulgaria the same ,with enchanting gardens and people. Our earth is a beautiful place -a gift from God for everyone to enjoy. It should be preserved by us all for future generation. Not just bombarded and extinguished to oblivion.
This issue of Lekhni is reaching in your hands on first of May- A day of common man’s hope and dreams. Hope, common sense prevails in our world-leaders and a common-man is still able to maintain its dignity and livelihood, living with his family in his own house and in his own country .
This war of different agenda of politicians should stop; life is the basic need of a living and thriving world. May peace prevail in everybody’s hearts and minds!
Sincere prayers and amen!
Lekhni’s July-August issue is 75’th yearly celebration of Independent India. Your thoughts and literary contributions are much awaited. Though earlier is better, last date to send your contributions is 20;th of July at
Keep safe and keep happy. See you again on first of August.

Shail Agrawal

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