My Column: How to start relating again?

“People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.”
— Joseph F. Newton Men
Relation in a way is connection; turning to our roots , our strength and betterment. Way in which two or more people or things are connected depends on the need or choice. Apart from biological relationships , those born out of need , wane off when need diminishes. How far a thing’s effect is on or relevance to one- another strengthens this bond in nature and up to a point in human-beings also. A relationship could be biological , that is by blood or marriage or emotionally . In this later category approximity plays a big role. Our Social and professional contacts , with whom we interact daily. We get attatched to these out of love or respect, or start hating them out of dislike or jealousy. These relationships like any other thing in life has also got two sides to it- two effects on us-positive and negative. With positive friends we feel happy and progress. Even silence is comfortable and pleasant in their company. Our friends , work-mates and neighbourers etc. all contribute and effect our behaviour. With whom we interact on a daily basis and start relating emotionally, is though natural but should be carefully chosen.

Need to unite, to relate and to understand each other , respect each other, give space to each other never have been as strong as in this present turmoiled times, when we ourselves are pushing the mankind to its ultimate destruction. We have to somehow get that connection back between ourselves of understanding, care and love if we want to see humanity thrive and survive.At the heart of our life lie the relationships we have with other people.With family, co-workers and friends close by and far away at the other side of the world.And how we let these relationships flow and grow has huge impact on the happiness both in our life and in the lives of the people we care about or know. We all are connected one way or other: are part of a same big chain. Share the same atmosphere, breath the same air , drink same water, thrive in the lap of same mother earth.
Geeta is still our socities bible and strength. Raead Gandhi’s view on it.We are singing the glory of motherland in ‘Favourites forever while poetry here and now is a sort of warning or a lament …a wake up call! In Kids’ Corner we are Celebrating Strength of love and togrtherness in a story called’ Toy Box’ . Lekhni’s This September issue is celebrating this global relationship as well as personal one; in the hope of a more peaceful and understanding world. Hope you will like it.
Wishing you all a happy Durga puja , Diwali and other festivals coming soon in the month of September and October, see you again in the month of November with a fresher Lekhni and another subject-our changing enviorment how can we stop or reverse this damage ? Heal our nature and ourselves? Is it really possible!
Keep suggesting and keep writting . Last day for sumission on this subject for ‘Lekhni’ is 20’th of October @ shailagrawal@hotmail .com.
Take care !

Shail Agrawal

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