Kids’Corner: Story: Red Bike, Poem: Friends – Shail Agrawal.

Red Bike

Gaurav was a happy little soul. Riding his new red bike all over the place. He got it for his birthday, and now he wanted to show it to all his friends. Suddenly he found Gokul standing near by and wanting to ride his new Bike. Gaurav was quite happy to share his toys with Gokul. He was his pal, as he was same age as him and used to live at the back of their garden only, in the servant quarters. They used to play football together every Sunday .

As soon as he sat on the Bike, angry father came out and dragging Gokul down from the bike slapped him hard on the face. You , son of my servant, how dare you mix with my son, ride his new bike. Know your place and get lost.

Full of tears Gokul choked on his own torn shirt, and went back to his hut, not to be seen by any body for next three four days continuously.

When Gaurav could not take it any more, he went to Ramu Kaka’s hut and asked for Gokul , but Gokul was not there. His mother told him that he cried a lot that day, so to cheer him up his uncle has taken him to the village for few days .

Now Gaurav was waiting for his friend’s return eagerly. Without Gokul it was no fun as there was no body to play with. When Gokul came back from the village He brought lots of sugar canes , which both friends shared and exchanged their joyful tales. To see the boys so happy, Gaurav’s father also realized that there are no rich or poor in friendship; specially in the carefree innocent world of children. He called them and gave permission to Gokul to ride his son’s new bike.

Now both boys are very happy indeed, sharing each others books and toys and riding that red shiny bike together again .



Friends are there

To share Joy and sorrow together

A bond strong and unbreakable

With a friend one is never miserable

Remember, never hurt or betray a friend

Value them like your biggest treasure!


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