Kids’Corner: Story-Anviksha, Poem-Shail Agrawal

Where will the birds and squirrels make their homes?

In front of my apartment there is a big field with lots of trees. when I finish my homework I use to sit in my balcony and watch the squirrels go up and down the tree. One day a bird came with a twig in it’s beak and put it on a tree’s branch. I wondered what she was doing. I asked my mom what she was doing and she said that the bird is making a nest to lay eggs . I was very excited. In couple of days the bird was done with nest. I sat and admired her nest. The next day the bird laid four eggs. The eggs were so tiny and cute . I wanted to tell about the eggs to my best friend Jasmin but today was Saturday.I had to wait till Monday .when I went to school I saw Jasmin and quickly walked to her .
Jasmin asked “what happened Caren ,you look very exited” I told her about the eggs .
Then she asked “can I come over to see them “.
“of course” I said .
when Jasmin came over we sat and saw the bird sit with pride on her eggs Then suddenly we saw tree cutters come and cut some trees along with the tree with the birds eggs NO!!!!!!!!!!!!! said Jasmin and I .We tried to tell them about the eggs but it was to late. The tree crashed down with a thunk and we watched in horror as the eggs broke down. We saw the bird’s horror face and how she circled the broken eggs beeping real loud like crying. Jasmin and I also cried and I asked my mom “why they cut the tree” ? She said ”they probably want to build something like an apartment or a house.” I was so sad I thought if they keep cutting trees like this where will the birds and squirrels make their homes?


Hand in hand
We all are dependent on each other
Big or small, all are here with a purpose
Flowers and butterflies and a buzz of a bee
Wind carries this fragrance far and near
spreads the message over the lofty sky
with the wings of a flying bird
Dance, dance, dance with me
and a roaring sea thus twirls and whirls
on our beautiful earth with wind
-Shail Agrawal

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