Vatayan presents Q&A: 27 Years of Hindi in the UK with Dr Padmesh

House of Lords-London, 7 September 2017:

Hosted by Baroness Flather, Vatayan organised a brilliant conversation, 27 Years of Hindi in the UK, between the Hindi enthusiast

and poet, Dr Padmesh Gupta and the multi-award winning journalist, author and editor of

Health & Happiness, Vijay Rana, followed by the release of Dr Gupta’s poetry collection,

Pravasi Putra. Baroness Flather welcomed the guests and spoke highly of Vatayan’s

consistent effort to promote Indian languages and culture in the UK.

The founder of Vatayan and author, Divya

Mathur, introduced the speakers and the

programme began with a Saraswati Vandana by the upcoming singer and Hindi teacher

Poonam Dev. While Baroness Flather

wrapped a customary shawl around Dr Gupt,

Mira Kaushik OBE presented him credentials

on behalf of Vatayan.

Contact: Divya Mathur

Vatayan: Poetry on South Bank

Phone: 07770 7775314



The special guests on this occasion included the renowned scholar and the former Mayor of

Lucknow, Shri Dauji Gupt, Shri Arun Maheshwari, the Managing Director of Vani

Prakashan and Chairman of Vani Foundation, and Shri Tarun Kumar, Attaché (Hindi &

Culture), High Commission of India, London.

This programme was chaired by Kailash Budhwar, author of two volumes of London

Letters, and the former head of BBC World Service (Tamil/Hindi), who was in chair, said

that Padmesh’s contribution to Hindi in the UK will be remembered for ever in the

history. Vijay Rana, who conducted the conversation excellently, asked some poignant

questions to a few selected guests. The founder of Kriti UK and a fashion designer,

Titiksha Shah, who paid a glorious tribute to Padmesh for his long standing love,

commitment and promotion of Hindi in this country, his exemplary behavior in his private as

well as professional career has been exemplary. Prominent author, Dr Nikhil Kaushik

reminisced about Padmesh’s early days in the UK. Dr K K Srivastava said that Padmesh’s

poetry has a universal appeal, full of positive energy. One outstanding feature of his

endless repertoire is his unparalled abilty to conduct on the stage.

Dr Arun Maheshwari of Vani Prakashan-Delhi, said that Padmesh’s poems such as

‘Paudha’, ‘Brexit’ and ‘Dohri Nagrikta’ symbolise progressive writings of Diaspora.

Dr Dauji Gupta, politician and scholar from India, said that his family house in Lucknow

still has old walls engraved by gold powder paintings with writings of ancient poets such

as Kabirdas, Mira and Surdas by which Padnmesh was quite fascinated. The chair of

Vatayan and Director of Akademi, Mira Kaushik OBE, spoke about how Padmesh’s

activities created a great atmosphere of Hindi literature in the UK since 1990.

Reply to Vijay Rana’s varied questions, Dr Padmesh Gupta spoke about his role in

creating the Hindi movement in the UK including starting the Annual Kavi Sammelans,

publication of Purvai, Hindi Gyan Pratiyogita for Hindi students in UK, Europe and

Russia. He was requested to recite some of his famous poems, ‘Chadi Ghadi aur Ainak’

brought tears in the eyes of many. Asked about his future plans, Padmesh announced

an annual Indian Literature & Cultural festival in partnership of the UK universities and

to connect with youth at international level and create a network of Hindi students

internationally. He also believes that rather than raising huge funds, if such events are

organised at voluntary level, with no expectations or monitory gains, will leave an impact

that will create a movement of

Indian literature and culture in

the world.

The book signing was unique

in the sense that this was the

first and only time in history,


when a Hindi book, that too of poetry, was sold out and many left empty handed and


Presenting the Vote of thanks, Shikha Varshney, also read some selected messages

received on this occasion, including Anil Joshi from Fiji and Dr Ranjit Sumra from

Manchester. The programme concluded with drinks and delicious dinner hosted by Kriti UK

and Vani Publishers-Delhi at Millbank Indian Spice Restaurant.

The distinguished guests from all over the UK, Europe, India and US, who graced this

programme, included Vijay Anand (Editor, Confluence), Yogesh Patel (Editor, Word

Masala), Edward Crask, Kumar Upadhyaya, Sadek Ali, Gerry Takamura and Steve

Hartley from Oxford, Vayu Naidu, Tejendra Sharma, Cllr Zakia Zubairi, Bhartendu

Vimal, Lalit Mohan Joshi, KBL and Usha Raje Saxena, Janardan Agarwal, KC Mohan,

Vaishali Thakkar, Brij and Usha Goyal, Aruna and Nand Ajitsaria, Prabhakar Kaza,

Shail and Narendra Agrawal, Akhtar Gould, Prabha Mishra, Dr Rishi Agarwal, Surekha

Chophla, Seema Vedi, Shashi Walia,Padam Talwar, Toshi Amrita, and Reena Sharma,

amongst many others.


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