Kids’Corner: Story-Invader-Poem-Is it possible-Shail Agrawal.


It was a beautiful summer day, sunshine filling every corner of her room.
Sally opened her window, a fresh fragrance of lavender and hyacinth breezed in and with that an unwanted invader also.
Now with all that buzzing and hissing going around her, it was impossible for sally to concentrate on her subject. Twice she has guided it out of her open window. But the bee was adament to whizz around her only.
Sally could not take it anymore. In anger she rose and whacked the nuisance with her heaviest book.
In no time creature which was a tyrant a second ago, was lying legs up and with broken wings , almost dead: looking very miserable and helpless indeed!
Sally was sorry and full of regret now.
But ‘it’ invaded her privacy and disturbed her peace!
She was trying to justify her action. She was very puzzled and thoughtful-was the punishment given by her too harsh?
To be alive should be the fundamental right of every living thing. Afterall these bees and birds live happily without killing each other.
Why we human beings are so bossy and intolerant of others!

Is it possible
to have a sane world
Full of grown up adults
Where they do not rob
kill or torture each other
This parching earth
Crying for mercy;
needs love and care
Not corpses
Dried up blood and tears.

Shail Agrawal

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