Poetry Here & Now: To be or not to be


” It’s going to snow”, they said,
” It will snow soon.”
I didn’t know the word.
Then it came, the white
and looking up I was happy
to see something of my own
like letters from the family.

Until I looked again-
saw it slipping down
into the narrow, dirty streets
darkening my light,
slowing my steps, my thought
trailing back to my mountains
and their forests weighing
with the continuous fall.

And again I looked
at this miserable town
and the downcast, silent people
colder than home.

-Martin Underwood

To Whom

The word that is, was
the was, never is—
Was and is, never will be.
The ought to be
never is, never has been
and cannot be.
What is, What was,
is and will
the same forever be.

Past and present
being and has been
is what is

the ought to have been
nor the to be.

Kampta Karan

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