Poetry Here & Now: Death is Dead- Shail Agrawal

In Pushkar

Hey, anybody there?
Are you really in touch?

All these offerings of goodwill
carrying you to shores of comfort?

Shifting through this deserted span
my helpless soul in a sea of turmoil.

Obstinate waves painfully crashing in
to froth away the banks of a riddled belief.

No more

Death is dead now. Nothing will die any more.
Memories, like horses come galloping along
And trample over my head and heart

Jumping the barrier of time they come
and take me on a magical round.
Slow whispers gather pace. Voices abound.

Strewn all around are faces and places
Like the cobbles on a shore.
I am drowning. I can hear no more.

I watched frothy waves toiling in vain.
I watched rugged rocks beaten on the chest.
My eyes are flooding, I can see no more.

I have got a saddle, I have got a rein.
Why I am unable to ride, am I in a trance
Like those spell-bound children from the Pied Piper’s tale.

Slowly, the pain is numbing and voices fade.
My aching head and heart has surrendered
to this Machiavellian dance.

I know death is dead now.
Nothing will die any more.!

In that small basin of rainwater
Stars reflecting the hope of sky
watched gently a lonely dandelion
swaying happily in the chilly wind

Thousand ants queuing to carry
a dying cricket on its back
A sumptuous feast—-
or a black death on the bank

Stuck between these barren rocks
Dwell not my dazed eyes There is more on heaven and earth
Let the nature’s drama unfold

Though cruel it may feel…
Death is nothing but renewal of the old .


I am not afraid of something
that is inevitable or mundane.
I am scared for
the life time of hard work
care and affection
one’s own loved ones
unlimited challenges priceless possessions
that on-going struggle
that sense of victory
or loss————–

all behind a blank.

Death is not a bad thing
if one gets another chance
to rewrite the lot.
Starts with a clean new slate.
with all the experience and wisdom.
A new birth indeed of a better self.
A given choice with a preference.
A bargain corner of our past deeds.

But what if there is no God
to punish or reward?

Shail Agrawal

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