My Column: Welcome 2024

No fireworks on a sleepy New year’s eve in our neighborhood this year. At least not for my ears.
2024 slipped in so silently that I did not even noticed that the year has changed and I aught to celebrate. Perhaps too weighed down with my own worries or was thinking too much about this world, which is falling apart all around us. So battered by this on going battle of corona and locked and frayed economy , that no strength left to celebrate, deafened by the falling bombs and power shows of its powerful nations. No happy news to ignite a crackers to lit our gloomy sky.

2023 was a sad year indeed, from the world prospective as well as Britain too. We lost our longest reigning monarch our Queen Elizabeth 2 and whole World is suffering with the disruption and pain of an entangled economy because of Russia’s invasion of Ucraine, another war erupted between Gaza and Israel,bringing more wounds and miseries on innocents. Forcing them to flee their homes and worst things to gace as there is no place to go. Natural disasters, hunger and refugee problem has shaken the whole word’s peace and economy. Corona suffocated us but this dark pith is far deeper than that. We seem to have lost the faith and belief in others as well as ourselves.

Sitting on this edge of time
I stretch out to hold
Those floating bubbles of time

Trying to Clapp and celebrate
Each and all I manage to burst.
In my small and slippery palms

Centuries have tickled in between
Since you spread out the board
And started to play this game

How come, you know all the rules
And me only a blind folded player!
Win or loose, tell me my lord
Am I just a puppet on your string

Why this throbbing heart then
And a hopeful mind too
Why this illusion of power and grandeur!

Why these tears and fears,
This drain on my emotions
A bright new rainbow In the sky
Giving me hope in the darkest niggt!

His ways are strange, and stranger are the hope and guidance he gives us , strength he gives us in darkest hours. I sincerely pray that almighty knocks some sense and compassion in concerned leaders and they can sensibly and respectfully can come out of this all destructive and damaging war.

Wishing and praying for all of us a better , happier and peaceful 2924

Shail Agrawal

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