My column: Illuminations !

There is this leafy carpet in the garden. No matter how hard we sweep, it spreads back in new patterns, much vehemently than before. Howling gusty winds with full force and crackling fire works all around are reminding that once again it is the guy fox night tonight. That time of darkness , when year is reaching to its’ wintry conclusions and to illuminate it, is a must….need of the hour.
If only we can understand each other and connect in right way. Nothing can frighten us.
If Winter is the symbol of end and darkness, of old age and fraility, when bare branches of a tree tremble like a shaking hands of an old person, unable to hold or contain any thing, then spring is also just around, when buds and lambs will spring back again all around us.
Lekhni’s this issue is on this hope and ability of mankind to fight back, find light in the grimmest situation…to live on. Never to give up and illuminate darkest corners of the world…our heart and mind too, be it Diwali or fifth of November. These festivals of light will continue till New year . Indominable spirit of mankind has learnt with its experiences not to be scared of darkness , of fire or rain either. It has learned to use them to his advantage. Because solutions lie within only. All have plus and minus wire, we just have to know how to connect them in right way to have the right effect or spark and this is what our human intelligence is all about, our civilization is all about .
Lekhni’s first issue of 2020 is on this human intelligence only. Its advantages and pitfalls. You can send your poems, stories and articles to or latest by 20th of December. So get cracking. Let us go in the spirit of Christmas…giving and forgiving,
Burying all which makes us angry , frustrates us, saddens us. Let us all illuminate by joining hands together.
Merry Christmas Friends!
Shail Agrawal

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