Poetry Here & now: Inhumane- Shail Agrawal


Take my daughter
She is safe with you
Out of this country
Weeping Mother
threw her two year old
In the arms of a stunned soldier
evacuating her Country

Anorher baby
they have just found
in the waiting lounge
not knowing
Whose baby is this
ten month old
forgotten behind
In the sea of
Frightened people
All alone
left to defend themselves!

Fallen Angels cry
‘Is there anybody
to save us
from our own people
and their misguided believes.’

This wallowing cry
falling short on deaf ears-

‘Blinded by the greed of power
and hunger for blood
They are ready to shoot us all
who ever is there in the way!’

Those women and men
tied and gagged
Are their own kith & kin
Their stoney eyes
Bleak and void
Their silent screams
Deafening the sky.

And we all stand and watch
while they try to escape,
‘Can they, will they
make it out of this hell.’

Dust to Dust

An old frail mother
Shattered Earth,
Robbed and wounded
Stands in shock and wonders,
What will happen to them
Once they have drilled up
For the last drop of the resources.
How will thry survive!
Not knowing in her deep pain
She cries to save her children
But She may not be there
to see it through the end
She is neglected to the ruin
by the greed
Of her own children!

Shail Agrawal

Contact mail: shailagrawal@hotmail.com

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