Poetry Here & Now- Ramanika Gupta

Living Moments

For living
Those very moments
I have been restless.

On seeing you
Old moments have revived.

Those moments have again sprung up,
Which I had lived,
With you sometime.

Living moments—
May be moments only,
We had lived.
Soaked in love,
Kneaded in affection,
Dream leaden,
Wound around contours of wedding
and love,

I had lived,
You had lived,
Larger than a life even
Those moments.

Where Is That Conqueror Of Nature

Where is that manly disposition,
Conqueror of nature,
Who weds me
So as the fate of victory and defeat,
Could be narrated

Where is that Victor of all Directions,
Climber of Everest,
To whom I surrender,
So as the depths of valleys
could be measured.

Where is that resonating sound,
The Creator of Civilization
Whom I ask-‘ give the pain’
So as the suffering of the earth
could be borne.

Where is that Charioteer of Sunrays,
Son of Sun God,
Whom I ask-‘ give sheet of light’,
So as the layers of darkness,
Could be veiled.

Where is that Earth-Sky bound
Whom I ask- ‘ give the boat of Galactic
So that the space ‘baoli’
could be swum across.

Where is that poet,
Creator of words,
Whom I ask-‘ give your womb’
So as the wailing of words
Could find its meaning.

Ramanika Gupta
translated from Hindi by: Amitabh Khare

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