Poetry Here & Now: Prabha V. Noella Nair

When God made flowers
He made them with great care
Some were given beauty of color
Others invited bees with scented air
Be they on a plant or in a garland
Or adorning a button hole or hair
They never fail to hold attention
Though lasting beyond a day is rare
When my cares overburden me
When I am hurt by people whom I love
I think of these beautiful flowers
That scents the hands of those who crush them
Then I vow to myself that no matter what
I’ll put in my share with the flowers’ lot

Ponder Awhile
What have we done to our Earth
Leading to Denudation
And Erosion
The Need of the Hour-
Proper Afforestation
Solar energy for better Irrigation
Decreased Pollution
Control of Population
Use of Resources in Moderation
If we wish to leave this Legacy
For the Coming Generations.

Miserable Child
All around there is so much happiness and cheer
Lo! Behold! Once again merry Christmas is here
Carols, toys and fairy lights twinkle everywhere
Yet when I look up I see our little window completely bare
No lights, no laughter, no happy faces there
That dreary gaping blank hole shows
Just a pair of worn out pants hanging skeleton-like
The house is a bottomless pit of misery and despair
Oh Lord, it is my little child who dwells there !
Jesus,You, who forgave even Mary Magdaline
What crime did my girl do, that she’s imprisoned inside
She cannot walk or talk, just feel and lie there helplessly
Who could have dreamt this would happen to my boisterous tot?
With bitter tears my weary eyes are flooded and spill over
Yearning for her merry tinkling laughter,now stilled

Caged Bird
I see my kith and kin fly across the sky
Seeking fruits, insects and worms
The early bird always gets the best
So at dawn they leave their nest
And fly the bright azure blue skies
In my cage I get the best
For my meal I needn’t fight the rest
Yet this iron door bars my way
On those green boughs I cannot sway
I cannot roam the world free
I cannot build a nest in green trees
I’d trade my life for theirs any day
If I could but do what my heart says.

Prabha V. Noella Nair.
Mumbai, India.

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