My Column: Nector of Life

They say hate is a powerful bait, so is love. They both can kill you or can bring the Paradise on this earth for you. Infact they are the two powerful sides of the same coin. In the heart of every matter, there is only one feeling which loves the Earth and Sky , can generates all sorts of actions and reactions. When one is full of love, no sacrifise is big enough, nothing hurts. But in a negative frame of mind, it is the mere hankerchief of Iago, which will chuse loving and caring husband Othello kill his beloved Desdemona. A mis-understood or un-fulfiled love can turn inta a brewing pot of jealousy, hatred and anger, bringing all sorts of misery and destruction.

A very complex feeling in-deed. Perpetual question of ‘to be or not to be’ to both Prince and pauper. Difficult to fathom. While love is the Fountain of eternal peace and Joy, an unfulfilled love or failed aspirations may generate many scathing Sparks of vangence…Crimes of love and passion are old tales not, our materialistic world is witnessing a new all destroying Fire… crime of greed and ambitioh, be it a leader of a powerful naiton , a big indusrialist or an unemployed Youth turned into a petty thief robbing a retired lonely pensioner .

These new age criminals do not know right or wrong, do not know when or how to stop or control themselves.

It is a paradox of modeen living that world is getting Smaller and crimes are getting bigger. Human population is incroasing but humane values are diminishing fast. Remedy to it all again is that same Four lettered word, which from Jesus to mother Teressa, Meera to Radha , Subhash to Gandhi all practiced and preached, sacrifised thir lives for it.

We are dedicating this Lekhni’s 18’th birthday issue to this same many faced and sublime nector of Life. Hope You will enjoy delving inta the immersive writting of Amrita Pritam, Pablo Neruda and many others powerful writters and poets.

March and April are the months of blooms and fruition, of dun and festivities , when even nature shakes of ots frozen exterior. Months of Colours and festivals, Happy holi and Shivratri Friends and of course Happy Baisakhi and Easter also.

Enjoy Reading, till we meet again with a brand new issue of ‘Lekhni’ on May the first, khich will raise the question of assisted dying and ots ethics. Is assisted dying is the need of humanity or merely the economy of labour and money? Your thoughts in the from of article, store and poem to letest by 20 ‘th of April letest.
Shail Agrawal
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