My Column: Another Year Of Difficult Decisions

2021 continued to be a difficult year, both for the ordinary people and law-makers alike. Corona kept on playing havoc in its’ ever-changing avatars. bringing already crippled economies down to its knees. And we all kept on living in our virtual world semi or fully locked.
Britain came out of Europe, still mulling and battling the consequences.
Plain full of people were deported to keep the illegal immigrants at bay and the result was huge vacancies in service jobs. There were no lorry drivers to transport the daily goods, restaurants and pubs were without waiters, hospitals and care homes without carers and nurses…a difficult year indeed.
But government remained adamant and people remained thoughtful over policies to win over difficulties. Many a times water remained choppy and ride very-very difficult. There were rages, tempers and violence. Hate crimes rose .
On 15’th October Conservative MP Sir David Amess died after being stabbed multiple times at his constituency surgery in Essex.
Boris Johnson spoke of his shock and sadness at the loss of “one of the kindest” people in politics.
Home Secretary Priti Patel asked all police forces to review security arrangements for MPs “with immediate effect”. Why no such protection for people in public services also like police or doctors who put their life at danger almost on daily basis and get violated and abused so frequently?

On a lighter note, face-book and twitter kept on blocking its trouble shooters and ripple makers. Some big guns accounts and mouth were shut. Donald Trump was blocked twice and rumour is once for the whole two weeks.

No clear way out still in front. Let us pray and hope 22 will be an improvement on 21 if not better. Lekhni wishes all its readers , happy, Diwali, Christamas and New year!
Look after yourself till we meet again,

Shail Agrawal

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