Poetry Here& Now: Dr Kartik Chandra Ray/Lekhni-September-October 17

Moon and the Fireworks

In the evening sky on the day of Panchami

when the shining moon is leaning to one side

and the different coloured fire-works are

showering from the sky

The reflection in the river water is unparallel

The nature and the eyes are joined together

to behold it’s beauty, it is really beautiful.

The fire- works say, Hello moon

Come down to this earth, we will spend the night in happiness

the moon says , thanks friend

But I have to give light to the whole world, all night.

Life and Death

Life calls the death

You are my last end

Death answers to life

without you I am baseless.

The question arrises in mind

Post life and the lost life

Do they move around the death?

No answer from any one at the end of life

Every thing is unseen, unknown

All silent in the faith’s play-house!

-Dr . Kartik Chandra Ray

Birmingham, U.K.

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