My Column/Lekhni-September-October 17

In this issue of Lekhni, we are propagating the doctrine of one language , one nation.  Despite the popularity of English world over , Hindi is the only language which can carry on this responsibility in India and represent an unified and glorious face of India to the world with all its splendid heritage and ideology and linked past.

A national language not only links a nation, it gives an identity to a nation in the eyes of the world and denotes the strength and unity of a nation. English, French , German, Spanish, Chinese, Japanese, Russian, they all have different dialects in the country, but they all stuck to one national language , which is used for their daily expression, education and all official business and their glorious result is there for all to see. They all are recognised and respected world over. Why Hindi is not still recognised as an official language of India yet even after 70 years of our independence, yet even after the second most commonly used language in the world, is a sore point for all proud Indians; shows the lack of understanding and unity between us . A deep self inspection and analysis of each and every Indian is now the utmost need of the time . Tamilnadu Chief minister Siddhramaiya’ s open aversion of Hindi is disturbing and a regretful set back for the unity of the nation. A person elect on such a responsible post, should not give such a careless and damaging statement that Hindi should not be imposed on the state! It is not imposed , it is the breath of our nation ( Pran-Vayu). It is the unifying link of the nation. It is the combined face of the nation. For our unity, our progress, Hindi should not be scarred or halted with such an irresponsible attitude and statement.

Shail Agrawal

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