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* Ahmed Faraz

(14 January 1931- 25’th August 2008)
One of the tallest and finest Urdu poet next to Faiz only.

Peace  ( Lekhni-August-2010)


*Ashfaq Hussain

Born in Karachi, Pakistan, on first January, 1951; Completed post-graduate studies from University of Karachi in 1974; migrated to Canada in 1980. Author of seven books in Urdu including ” Faiz ek jaiza” (literary criticism) ; ” Aitbar ( Collection of poems).

Editor of ” Urdu international” Literary Journal published from Canada.

Homeless (lekhni-March-2010)
Colour of love (lekhni-March-2010)

* Angela Macnab

was born and lives in Birminghamand has written poetry since 1994. Her first poetry collection entitled  ” Damaged Goods” was published in 1997. Angela also writes plays and her first radio play God the sun was was broadcast in October 1999.

Gardens ( Lekhni-May-2007)
Fading Flower (Lekhni-May-2007)
Songbird  (Lekhni-May-2007)


Ana Blandiana
25’th march 1942,

Ana Blandiana (pen name of Otilia Valeria Coman; is a Romanian poet, essayist, and political figure. She took her name after blandiana, her mother’s home village.

Condition    (Lekhni-April-2008-issue-14)
Trees had eyes once   (Lekhni-April-2008-issue-14)
The closed eyes   (Lekhni-April-2008-issue-14)
Ties   (Lekhni-April-2008-issue-14)

From: ‘ The Hour Of Sand ‘

Anvishka Srivastava-9 yrs old

5 Cinquains ( lekhni-june-2011)







* Ashok Gupta


1. Liberation   (Lekhni-November-2009)
2. My Potraits (Lekhni-November-2009)
3. Truth of the desrts (Lekhni-November-2009)


Carol Ann Duffy

Born in Glascow in 1955, Stunningly original Duffy is a master at drawing myth and historyand subverting them in a wholly unexpected and surprizing way. her poetry publications have received many awards , including both the Forward Prize and the whitbread prize for mean Time (Anvil 1993)

She is a fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

Favourites forever

Little   Red   Cap  -(Lekhni-April-2009)


* Cathy Perry

 Tate Modern ( Lekhni-November-2007)
Missed Connections( Lekhni-November-2007)


* Christine Coleman

Christine Coleman works in adult education in Birmingham and devotes most of her spare time to writing.  Several of her poems have won national competitions and/or have been published in magazines.

Her pamphlet collection, Single Travellers, was published by Flarestack in 2004, and her work features in Four Caves of the Heart (Second Light Publications 2004), an anthology of fourteen women poets.

Together with three other poets, Christine has performed under the name Late Shift at poetry festivals and arts centres around the country, including Edinburgh Festival.

Her novel, The Dangerous Sports Euthanasia Society, was published by Transita  in 2005.

For a Friend Who Doesn’t Like Poetry ( Lekhni-September-2010)

Belonging (Lekhni-September-2010)

* David Francis

At Evening ( Lekhni-May-2007)
A Mereger ( Lekhni-May-2007)
Seeds Of Imagination ( Lekhni-May-2007)


*Devi Nagrani

Source- (Lekhni-June -2009)


* Deepti Garg

1. What to write  ( Lekhni-July 2009)
2. Letters To my heart ( Lekhni-July 2009)


*Dionne Brand (January 7-1953)

  Dionne Brand  is a Canadian poet, and non-fiction writer who focuses on issues relating to black women.

The ability to make history concrete by capturing the small, ordinary things of life along with a sense of broader historical actions is not found too frequently in English poetry, particularly in North America. Dionne Brand, however, is a significant exception. To read her poetry is to read not only about her but also about her people and their struggles both in Canada and the Caribbean. In the introduction to her poetry published in A Caribbean Dozen, a collection of poetry for children, Dionne Brand illustrates both her biographical and literary background, pinpointing the essence of her desire to write:

“I was born deep in the south of Trinidad in a village called Guayguayare. Our house was so close to the ocean that when the tide came in the pillow tree logs on which the house stood were almost covered by surf. When I was four or so my grandmother, who brought me up, moved to San Fernando, but every holiday we would return to Guaya where my grandfather lived. It is the place I remember and love the most. I now live in Toronto, Canada, but each time I go back to Trinidad I always go to Guayguayare just to see the ocean there, to breathe in the smell of copra drying and wood burning and fish frying. In the Sixties when I was in elementary and high schools, none of the books we studied were about Black people’s lives; they were about Europeans, mostly the British. But I felt that Black people’s experiences were as important and as valuable, and needed to be written down and read about. This is why I became a writer. In San Fernando I went to a girls’ high school where I was taught that girls could use their intellect to live a full life. My teachers and friends there helped me to see that women should enjoy the same rights and freedoms as men. When I moved to Canada in 1970 I joined the civil rights, feminist and socialist movements. I was only seventeen but I already knew that to live freely in the world as a Black woman I would have to involve myself in political action as well as writing.”

Kids-Corner-Wind- (Lekhni-October-2008)

* Divya Mathur

How Come… ( Lekhni-March-April-2011)

Memories ( Lekhni-March-April-2011)

Silence ( Lekhni-March-April-2011)

* Giles Osbourne

joined the Cannon poets in 1983at its inception ( by Jim Crace) . He is currently trying his hand at a larger range of writting.

Frailty -(Lekhni-Feburary-2009)
Love at Euston -(Lekhni-Feburary-2009)

* Gopi Warner

Trapeze- Lekhni-August-2009

am enclosing herewith the final poem from ‘Vahara – The Secret of Evolution’, Gopi Warrier’s new collection of poetry which was released at the Lansdowne Club last week.I was a classmate of Mr Warrier at London Business School and decided to work with him rather than join the family firm, McAlpine’s, afterwards.

Having been a follower of Buddhism the following poem appealed to me as it describes the current state of the world.
-David McAlpine


* Hari Joshi
Date of birth- 17th November 1943
Birth Place – Village –Khudia ( Sirali)
Tehsil- Khirkiya, Distt.- Harda (M.P.)

Masters of Technology in Engineering Materials Ph. D. in Refrigeration
Professional Status:
Professor, Engineering College, Bhopal, M.P., India

Present Address:
MIG 377 New Subhash Nagar,
Raisen Road, Bhopal  (M.P.) India 462023
E-mail: harijoshi2001@yahoo.com

In Hindi Literature –Wrote for” Dharmyug, Saptahik Hindustan, Kadambini” etc
2 Collections of poems
12  Collections of satires in prose and
4 Novels and  2 others

In English Literature- Wrote for “The Refined Savage Poetry Review ( America) “
1 Collections of poems
1 Collections of prose satires


Translated poems of own into English.” River and other Poems” is a collection of   such translation Of his Hindi  poems .
Regular writer of Hindi satires in prose in many leading newspapers and magazines in India. Articles translated in Marathi and English
Received “ Vagishwari Award” on his book  “Vyangya ke Rang(Colours Of satire)
Five Poems selected in the Library of International poetry  “ Poetry.com “ . Also Poem “SING ON” was selected  in August 2006 for “Editor’s Choice Award”

Poet Of The Month ( Lekhni-September 2009)

1. Incomplete Industrialization
2. God In the Office
3. Man and Fish


*James fenton
James Fenton was born in Lincoln in 1949 and educated at Magdalen College, Oxford, where he won the Newdigate Prize for Poetry. He has worked as political journalist, drama critic, book reviewer, war correspondent, foreign correspondent and columnist. A collection of his pieces on major events in the Far East entitled All the Wrong Places was published by Penguin in 1990.

His volumes of poetry include Terminal Moraine, The Memory of War and Children in Exile and Out of Danger. These last two volumes are published in Penguin. His work has won him the Southern Arts Literature Award for Poetry, the Geoffrey Faber Memorial Prize and the Whitbread Award for Poetry. He is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature and was Oxford Professor of Poetry for the period 1994-99.

In a Notebook ( Lekhni-July-2008)


* Jenny Joseph
an English poet was born on 9th May !932.

Her poem Warning (“When I am an old woman I shall wear purple/With a red hat which doesn’t go and doesn’t suit me… “) was identified as the UK’s “most popular post-war poem” in a 1996 poll by the BBC. Joseph was awarded the 1986 James Taite Black Memorial Prize  for her fiction work Persepone.

She was born in Birmingham, and studied English Literature at St Hilda’s College, Oxford, before becoming a journalist. She has worked for the Bedfordshire Times, the Oxford Mail and Drum Publications (Johansburg, South Africa).

Her best known poem, Warning, was written in 1961 and included in her 1974 collection Rose In the Afternoon and the Oxford book of twentieth century verse.

In 1995, she was awarded a travelling scholarship by the Society of Authors. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature.

Warning- ( Lekhni-March-2007)

* Junu Agrawal

Time actually Flies ( Lekhni-January-2010)

* Kalpana Ganguli

Indian Widow   ( Lekhni -October-2010)
Home is …( Lekhni -October-2010)

* Kampta Karan

To whom ( Lekhni-July-2008)

* Kato Koko

Born in Kyoto in 1931, Kato Koko started to write poetry under the influence of her grandfather. In 1978 she became a contributor to the magzine Obi ( sash), a branch group of the magzine Ashibi. In 1986 she initiated the magzine Ko ( cultivation) , which publishes haiku in both Japanese and English. She is now playing an active role in popularizing haiku outside Japan.

Haiku- Snap Shots of four seasons (Lekhni-December-2009)


* Kate Clanchy

Born in 1965 Glasco, Scottland Kate Clanchy is the author of two prize-winning collections of poetry, the acclaimed Slattern (1995), which won the Forward Poetry Prize (Best First Collection) and a Somerset Maugham Award, and Samarkand (1999), which was shortlisted for the Forward Poetry Prize (Best Poetry Collection of the Year) and won a Scottish Arts Council Book

Newborn (2004), is a collection of poems covering pregnancy, birth and caring for a new baby. In 2005 she wrote a poetic picture book for children, Our Cat Henry Comes to the Swings.

Her latest book is What Is She Doing Here?: A Refugee’s Story (2008).

Grandfather (Lekhni-September-2008)
Act 2           (Lekhni-September-2008)


* Kopan Mahadeva

I am Confused   ( Lekhni-March-2009)
Offspring Tensions (Lekhni-March-2009)
Life is a Highway( Lekhni-March-2009)
Rulers and Sufferers (Lekhni-November-2010)
Knowing Moments (Lekhni-November-2010)



* Kunwar Narayan

A Poem ( Lekhni-June-2010)
A Strange Problem  ( Lekhni-June-2010)
On The Eighth Floor ( Lekhni-June-2010)



* Liz potter

Casting EIN GEDI (Lekhni-March-2008)

*Mark Isa

When I Am Thinking  ( Lekhni-July-2008)


* Martin Underwood

witch (Lekhni-March-2007) 
Snow ( Lekhni-July-2008)

*Mahendra Bhatnagar

1. The Tremoor Of Trampling Feet (Lekhni-January-2008)
2.Through The Unwanted Moments (Lekhni-January-2008)
3. What Is The Secret? (Lekhni-January-2008)


* Maya  Angelou

Favourites Forever

I Know Why the Caged bird  Sings  ( Lekhni -October-2010)
Phenomenal woman     ( Lekhni -October-2010)
Still I Rise                    ( Lekhni -October-2010)



* Milorad Krystanovich

Mirror writting (Lekhni-December-2007)
No Presence ( Lekhni-December-2007)
Glass Surface ( Lekhni-December-2008)
From a distance ( Lekhni-December-2008)
Escapement Of Time  (Lekhni-December-2008)

Illusory Vesssel ( Lekhn-Feburary-2010)
Fade abd Fsll  ( Lekhn-Feburary-2010)

 * Minu Agarwal

Three short poems-‘ Reflections’  (Lekhni-Agust-2007) 

* Phil Newbury

We are slave  (Lekhni-January Feburary 2011)

* Paritosh Sharma

Desert rain (Lekhni-July-2007)
The Garden (Lekhni-July-2007)

* Rachna Kilaru

Hampster (Lekhni-June-2008)

* Rajni Roy

Born in Tanzaniya, educated at Hull and Lincon’s Inn. Has written poetry for many years and has been a member of Cannon Poets for four years.

Roots (Lekhni-Feburary-2009)
My tortured Mind (Lekhni-Feburary-2009)
Serenity ( Lekhni-Feburary-2009)

* Ramanika  Gupta

Born:  22 April 1930, Sunam, Punjab.
Ex MLA . Renowned for her contribution among tribes.
Poet & feminist writer
Editor of Yudhrat Aam Admi. (Struggling Common man}
Contact: A22, Defence Colony, New Delhi.
Mobile- 31039505

Living Moments- (Lekhni- April-2009)
Where Is That Conqueror Of Nature – (Lekhni-April-2009)

* Richard Edward

Kids’ Corner

Nathniel  (Lekhni-November-2009)

* Rishav Dutt Agnihotri

Identity (Lekhni-June-2008)
To my beloved Father  (Lekhni-June-2008)


* Rod Dungate – is a performed, published and broadcast award-winning playwright and poet living in Birmingham. He regularly performs his own poetry. With a different hat on, he works as an education specialist working and advising at primary, secondary levels and in higher and continuing education.

He enjoys working across art forms and has frequently worked with composers, writing songs for inclusion in theatre plays and poems specifically to be set to music, at the moment writing a musical. Rod has organised a number of events to celebrate the work presented in Birmingham’s Art Gallery B Poets Off the Wall, Writing on Water (based around work in the Water Hall) and Surrealist Poetry (to coincide with the exhibition of work of Birmingham Surrealist Painters.)

He regularly teaches undergraduate acting students at the Birmingham School of Acting and also Art and Design students at Birmingham City University. Through his partnership, Personal Performance, he works as a training and education specialist in creativity. Rod is co-editor of the one of the biggest and busiest theatre review sites; ReviewsGate.com Read his blog at http://roddungate.blogspot.com/.

Unlocking (Lekhni-May-2008)

Unknown Lands (Lekhni-June-2011)

Not Much of a Choice (Lekhni-May-2008)


* Satyendra Srivstava

 1.AT 8 A.M.(Lekhni-June-2007)
2. The Puppet Song (Lekhni-October-2008)
3. The habd of ascent  ( Lekhni-August-2009)
4. The Recepie  ( Lekhni-August-2009)

* Roi Ankhara Kabana  ( Birmingham Poet Laureate 2002)

In The Moment ( Lekhni-October-2009)


* Shail agrawal

1.Departure (Lekhni-March-2007)
2.Truth (Lekhni-March-2007)
3.The waiting game (Lekhni-April-2007)

4.AT 8 P.M.( Lekhni-June-2007)
5.To You (Lekhni-September-2007)
6.Do Not Yet (Lekhni-September-2007)
7.On The Ghat (Lekhni-October-2007)
8.Home (Lekhni-May-2008)
9.Autumn ( Lekhni-November 2008)
10. Why  (Lekhni-November 2008)
11. ..I often Wonder( Lekhni-January-2010)
12. Awake Forever ( Lekhni-May-2010)
13. A Loafer Cloud ( Lekhni-May-2010)
14. Jungle Law ( Lekhni-May-2010)
15. No More ( Lekhni-December-2010)
16. Life ( Lekhni-December-2010)
17. Death ( Lekhni-December-2010)
18. In Pushkar ( Lekhni-December-2010)             19. Journey Within ( Lekhni-May-2011)           20 . Oh What A Lovely War ( Lekhni-May-2011) 21. Powe Game ( Lekhni-May-2011)                    22. Wide Angle ( Lekhni-May-2011)


1.A Little Boy ( Lekhni-March-2009)
2. Man in the moon (Lekhni-April-2009)
3. Flowers have… (Lekhni-Feburary-2010)
4. Rain ( Lekhni-July-2010)
5. Sun had a fun ( Lekhni-Augst-2010)
6. Our World ( Lekhni-November-2010)
7. Let it go ( Lekhni-May-2011)

* Shel Silverstein

Kids’  Corner

1.Picture Puzzle Piece  ( Lekhni-March-2009)
2,Forgotten Language ( Lekhni-May-2010)
3, Weird-Bird ( Lekhni-May-2010)
4.t’s dark in here ( Lekhni-May-2010)
5. Rain  ( Lekhni-July-2010)
6. One Inch Tall ( Lekhni- October-2010)


* Sohan Rahi

Born in Lasara, a village in Jalandhar ( India)  . Started his literary pursuit in 1950. Six books to his credit He started the Adab, London.He was awarded Millenium-2000 Adeeb award by Adeeb International, ( Sahir Cultural Academy).

We Salute ( Lekhni-August-2010)




* Sony Dalia ( T.S.Chandra Mouli)

Sony Dalia pseudonym of T.S.Chandra Mouli, Poet, translator, critic , Dr Mouli opted for Voluntary retirement from service in March,2008, He was a Reader in English in Railway Degree College,Secunderabad , the only Degree College run by Ministry Of Railways in India.
He completed translation assignments from Telugu Academy, Hyderabad; Dravidian University, Kuppam and P.S.Telugu University, Hyderabd. Translates and publishes Telugu poetry and fiction . Member on advisory board of many reputed literary journals.
With the pseudonym. Sony Dalia , he publishes his poems in English. Two volumes of original poetry in English are due for launch shortly.

He co-edited 2 volumes of literary Criticism
1.Indian Womens’ Writing in English [Gnosis, New Dehi,2008]
2.Glimpses of Post-Independence Indian English Novel [Authors Press, New

Explorations in Indian English Drama is in press.
Dynamics of Translation is in press .
At present engaged in editing critical volumes on Indian English Literature and ELT. Publication of a Telugu novel by Saleem rendered into English [in press].
Areas of interest include comparative studies, Indian English Literature, linguistics and translation studies.
Visiting Fellow in Nagaland University, Kohima(Nov,2005).
An Executive member of IAES[2002- -2005; 2006-2009]

He may be contacted at tscmouli@hotmail.com or 9849005304.

Acharya Devobhava  ( Lekhni-October-2008)
Grain of a sand ( Lekhni-October-2008)
Invincible ( Lekhni-October-2008)

* Sreeman Mishu Barua

My religion ( Lekhni-October-2009)

Sudha Gupta

Kids Nursery rhyme-The Elephant-Sudha Gupta- Lekhni January 2009.

* Surjit Patar

He unconsciously uncovers self and identifies it with Man and his being. Talking about his poetry he says-

” I don’t know from where to where have I carried punjabi poetry, I am crtain Punjabi poetry has carried me round the world.”

1.My poem ( Lekhni-April 2010)
2. Returning Home ( Lekhni-April 2010)

* Tanya J.Bolton

Draws inspiration from writers like Alice Walker and Zora Neal Hurston.

Weapons Of War ( Lekhni-January Feburary-2011)

* Tej Revan Deep Kaur Rai


Nobody Knows ( Lekhni-January Feburary-2011)



* Wendy Cope

Flowers ( Lekhni-Feburay-2008)
Bloody men (Lekhni-Feburary-2008)
Valentine ( Lekhni-Feburary-2008)

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