Poetry Here & Now: Being Women- Shail Agrawal

Being women


Being women
Means being scared
Do not go here or there
Definitely never alone
Think twice before stepping out
You are a vixen timid
In a world full of wolves
One foot wrong
And the game may be over

Happily trapped
in her fearsome glory
She spends all her life
Minding her each Q’s and I’s
Living very straight and narrow
One foot in the grave
Still puffing and polishing herself
Like a bathroom or kitchen floor.

She washed him out of his hair
And swept them out of her home
They were loud and unpleasant
Not up to her lady-like taste
But party was a big success
We should do it more often
Declared the dashing husband
Who just darted out
Leaving few more dirty dishes
Piled Beside an already full sink.

A mother, a wife, a sister or a daughter
Helper keeper sever and provider
A women is a women like any other

Until she differs her path and paves her way

Raised eyebrows instantly
And a gossip galore
There must be a man behind it
How can a woman do it alone!

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