My Column: Lekhni-September-October 16

My columnBeing women is never easy; specially now in a result orientated and power hungry, more and more achieving society, where the shared responsibilities are blurring day by day because no body has the time . Now House husbands and a bread winner wife is not a bad and despised word. Child crushes are booming and live in relationship without the liability of a family is not a humiliating adjustment at all in many people’s eyes; men and women alike want to eat the cake not bake it. Supermarkets are there to do this job…bread and babies everything is available on the racks now.
But there is this fundamental difference between a man and a woman. A girl can be a tom boy but she cannot be a boy. Same way a man can be House husband but he cannot give women’s touch to it. This difference is noticeable from the childhood, when they are growing up.
I remember when playing with my brothers I also started playing with then boy’s toys, balls and swords and guns etc. shooting each other, pretending dead and shooter happily . But as soon as somebody pointed the gun to doll, I started crying , we cannot kill the doll , she is only a doll and not fighting with us. We have to protect her.
This kindness and motherly instinct is in the fibre of a woman, exactly as anger and aggression in a man. She only knows how to protect and nourish…cherish.
It is this gentleness and perseverance of a misunderstood, overworked modern women which we are celebrating in this issue. Her mad passion to catch up or sometime even leave men behind , may have left her bit hardened up but still she is and will remain to her very essence, a woman only, fragile and beautiful, loving not from her sense but from her soul , giving away bit of herself every time she meets somebody. Everything she possesses she can part with , including herself even for a little kind gesture of others .
Thomas Hardy understood it. His portrayal of a female character is so real and lucid that it sweeps the reader of its feet.
He was a giant of an emotional and sensitive man. Requested his heart to be torn off from his body and buried with her beloved Emma, while his ashes to be scattered in the valley where he grew up. This love and mad intensity or passion is visible in his work also, be it Tess or Woodlanders.
We have assembled some beautiful articles and stories and poems in this issue. Have a good read .No wonder this issue is out at Navratri, a time of Siddhmata…a time to celebrate and be blessed by woman’s glory itself.
In this todays troubled world boundaries and divisions are causing lot of wars and miseries. How can this problem be rectified, without causing much disturbance to the mankind and his system ? Any suggestion? If yes, then please send the articles and poems etc. to by 15’th of November , as this is the theme of Lekhni’s November and December Issue. Hope you all will start putting pen to the paper soon.
Deepawali , the festival of light is also not very far . Wishing everybody an enlightened world and every happiness in life.
See you again in December till then keep safe and keep happy.
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Shail Agrawal.

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