Kids’Corner: Story: Toy Box, Poem: Birdie on my window sill-Shail Agrawal

Toy box

She was Bella; a beautiful doll with pink ceramic face and big black eyes and pretty black satin shoes. Her elegant dress was made of pink soft silk, with flowers on her dress and in her hairs. He was grubby and old with a torn wooly grey-pant and a red patch heart on his old black jacket . His one eye was missing, probably torn out while playing and only a black little thread hanging out there at its place, giving him a look of the weather-beaten pirate. One, who has been on many brave and dangerous sea adventures. You see, he was only a rag doll and all his features were embroidered, except for his red mouth, which was beautifully shaped in red felt and then carefully patched over his face. It stayed open all the time, as if he was telling a story or smiling gently while lost in some beautiful far away thought.

All the toys in the toy box knew that he really can tell captivating stories of his numerous voyages.

When it used to be dark and all of them were put back in the toy box for the night, they used to huddle together and ask him for a story and without fail he used to come up with a new story or adventure each night.

He was happy narrating those tales of imaginary adventures of far-away and exciting places and gentle flower fairies. He knew all the toys loved it and they all loved him back dearly for it. He became their hero.

They could see his face glow with an aura and his voice jingle with love while narrating those tales. He was the magician for them; soother of their worries in long weary nights. In spite of his beautiful heart he was named Scruff by their owner, Sheena and her Mum because of his old and worn out look.

It was Sheena’s birthday that day and she was very happy because she got lot of new toys, so many of them that it was impossible to accommodate all of them into her toy box now, which was already filled up to the brim with toys. So Mum decided to giveaway some.

She made a pile of the unwanted toys which were going to be given away to the charity shop and  to the deep horror and surprise of all the toys, Scruff was also on that pile of discarded toys. They cried and begged Mum not to take away Scruff, but Mum could not hear or understand them. Bella, the pretty doll was so shocked seeing Scruff go, that she fainted. Nobody could wake her up now. Sheena patted and shook her vigorously but Bella will not open her eyes. Sheena took her to Mum , if she could open her favourite doll’s eyes.

Mum tried and tried very hard quite a few times. When she also failed and could not open Bella’s eyes and could not stop Sheena crying either, she promised her that she will buy her a new doll, prettier than Bella.

With a heavy heart Bella was also put on that redundant heap of the toys. When Mum was putting them in the car-boot to be taken away to the charity shop, Sheena took her favourite Scruff and Bella out last time to say good bye to them. It was not easy for her. Her eyes were full of tears. They were looking so good and happy together. But then, at that moment of surprise, Scruff smiled back at Sheena and Bella also winked back at her. A wave of joy drenched her from head to toe.

‘ Look  Mum, Bella can open her eyes now. She is not going anywhere, neither is dear Scruff. They both are our favourite.’

‘Our?’ Who are ‘our’ Sheena?’ Mum asked cheekily.

‘ Oh Mum, Me and all my toys. Can’t you hear all the toys clapping in the toy-box!’

Overjoyed Sheena hugged them tightly and put them back in the toy box, where they belonged.

All the toys were happy again to find their loveliest friends back .

Mum was also very happy to see her beloved daughter so happy and chirpy again.

Birdie on my window sill

Birdie on my window sill
Said- ‘ tweet toho, tweet toho
Won’t you come and play with me!’
‘No’, said the teddy, ‘No’, said the dolly
‘No’, said the monkey in his jogging shoes.
But a kite soaring high in the sky
Called aloud ‘ Come along, fly with me !’
Shail Agrawal

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