Poetry Here &Now: Binu Bhatnagar/ Lekhni-March-April 17

How to hit the right note!

When my life is out of tune,
How to hit right note!
when the life has stuck at a point,
To which rhythm
I would adjust percussion.

Wires of Veena are entangled,
All instruments are out off tune.
How to please music !
Today l can not sing,
may be tomorrow I hum ….

When no feelings are left,
When no opportunities are in hand,
Clouds have covered the sun…
It’ s All dark around…..
I take my pen and write a poem,
but I can’t turn it into song.
When my life is out of tune,
How to hit right note!

On the other side of fifty

I know that we have lost ,
some precious moments of our youth
in some complexities of the life.
But it hardly matters,
You are the same person,
I am the same…..
Why can’t we live,
some exiting moments,
of the bygone days!

You are my calm ocean,
I am the river ,
who came down to meet you.
You are the solid rock of support to me,
Why did you not hold my hand then!

Forget that
we are on the opposite side of fifty.
Forget about the grey hair lining
which has appeared over the years.

Even today
you owe those moment to me,
that have slipped like drops of water ,
from our hands in the sand.


The first ray of sun,
kissed the dismayed buds.
A drop of frost slipped from it
to express the buds distress.

There is no bloom in the garden.
It is quiet and vacuumed
There is a feeling of being zero,
But zero is expansion and the core,
of everything.

The flowers are drying,
and the leaves are withered.
The lake has also dried up
fishes are dead.

Dear friend! don’t spill,
precious pearls from your eyes.
Stop crying and wipe your tears,
Flowers will bloom very soon.

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