My Column/Lekhni March April 16

My columnIn this continuous saga of life’s journey, there are moments engraved in one’s mind, which remain instilled forever. For me most of them are a sudden onslaught of a calamity, from which we came out unharmed. These are happy memories, in-spite of the shock everything was all right in the end.
There are some painful one also, which did not conclude so happily, but for our own benefit, mind blocks them and thank god that he makes such memories blurred.
of For this editorial of my literary magazine, memories which are splashing again and again, are those of books and poems which became friends forever and I am grateful to Sharad Chand Chatopadyay, Thomas Hardy, Rabindara Nath Tagore, Victor Hugo, Dharmveer Bharti, Kabir, Shivmangal singh Suman, Gopaldas Neeraj, Amrita Preetam etc, whose stories, poems and novels introduced me to this beautiful and imaginary, yet so real and enchanting world of literature. I have tried to encompass some of these poems and stories in this issue. Hope you will enjoy them as much as I did. A word of appreciation or response is always awaited and much appreciated. Have a good read!
With the warm wishes for the warm and joyous festival of Vaisakhi.
passport size-Shail Agrawal

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