Kids’Corner: Power Game-Shail Agrawal/Lekhni-May-June 17

Power Game

Scene 1

Why you ask me to give all my favourite things to Sally?
Just because She is smaller than me?
Because you love her more than me?

Scene 2
Why Should I listen to Sunny all the time?
Play with him all the time , even when my friends are around ?
Just because he is my brother?
Just because you like him more than me?

Scene 3

Will there be world war three soon?
Why ? Because Sally did not give you her cookie and you had a fight with her?
No , Mum. Stop teasing me. Have you not heard the news? See these pictures in news paper-they are gathering war ships in the ocean .
No, Sunny. It is also a kind of bullying . A game politicians play to draw attention.
Even adults play silly games sometimes .
Then who moniters and reconciles them.
There are organisations like UNO etc, but I hope and pray they do not do any such silly thing and disturb the peace of our beautiful world .
Have you finished your home work?
Yes Mum. One more thing, Will you sit on the edge of my bed and watch over me till I fall sleep tonight?
Though I am 11 years old now and understand what you are saying, but I am still a bit scared
Sorry mum, I can not help it,

Of Course , Dear. Nothing can harm you till I am there. My brave boy, come and give me a big hug.

Mum kissed children’s daunting fear away and gently tucked them inside their beds.

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