My Column: Lekhni-November-December 17

While settling abroad. However lush and comfortable may be the country of our dreams, we all know pain, hassle and disruption it may cause initially because of unknown surroundings, red tape and custom etc. A thoughtful planning is needed before making such a move.
Settling abroad is not such a big thing in present climate. Almost everyone has a near and dear one, or someone he knows, who has happily settled abroad. People are not only travelling lot more, they are also settling abroad lot more. Internet etc. has made the distance insignificant and parting is not as painful as it used to be. Now one can stay in touch with all the times, even from thousands of miles away.

People decide to settle abroad for a variety of reasons — work assignments, warmer climates or sometimes even for better education or medical care, or may be for a cheaper cost of living.

Travelling itself contains a certain amount of planning, but settling abroad needs lot and lot more papers to deal with and organise. Things to sort out. The nitty gritty of life should be sorted, preferably before one leaves.

Once settled abroad, how-so-ever comfortably, to miss family and friends, once own country is very natural. A writer writes whatever he or she feels and this is the reason why readers find lots of nostalgia in immigrant writings. A writer should not feel ashamed of it, writing is only one’s inner expression, one gives out whatever is inside. One can not organise need or urge of creativity on demand. It is not commissioned job, neither to express the misery and tears, or illegit, the first requirement of a modern writer. Writer is not on a crusade until his heart compels so. World is a beautiful place but it is more beautiful if we could live to our heart’s content.
Relax and enjoy, with few snapshots of life, we have arranged a beautiful issue for you. Your feed back will be of much help.

Wishing all a happy yuletide season!

Shail Agrawal

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