Snap Shots: These Books-Shail Agrawal/Lekhni-July-August 17

Snap Shots

‘So many books for what daddy!’, Little Jhony asked.
‘ For you only, my dear !’, was his affectionate reply.
‘ But you promised me lot of new toys! ‘ asked three year old Johny surprised.
‘They are better than any toy John. There are puzzles, stories, jokes , magic , poems and even answers to lot of your questions, once you learn how to read them.’
John could see father’s eyes were all dreamy and smiling, lost in his own childhood or in his future perhaps!

He was on a powerful position in a powerful nation.
Commissioned an author to write a book on his life.
Before you start writing , gather famous autobiographies , was his next warning and instruction.

He was in love.
Overwhelmed with his emotions said to his beloved,
‘I am an open book in your lap.
Read me from whereever & however you like.’
Immdiate was her thoughtful reply,
‘but written in a foreign language. Give me the time to understand and learn your language first.’

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