Poetry Here & Now: Harihar Jha, Shail Agrawal/ Lekhni-July-August 17

Fibre of words

Since I left the caves,
I wrote Vedas and Bible
Philosophy and science
Erotic books and songs tribal.

I have been boasting on being son of God
till Darwin’s Monkey checks
I make celibacy an ideal of life
till Freud’s pervasive sex

“Man is like insects”
“God is dead” that is Nietzsche’s libel
Since I left the caves,
I wrote Vedas and Bible.

Thread from the fibres of words
tied myself to cope
I fell in love with every book
that is prison be tied with rope

But pretending creator of universe
In dream I’m riding waves
I wrote Vedas and Bible
Since I left the caves
-Harihar Jha

A Humane Book.

Books and human
both need a skin, a cover,
to hold and bind them together.
A critic, an admirer
to evaluate and praise them.
Few relative subjects to make
some sense out of their dispersed story.
Poetry, romance, murder and mystery
even an epic or gone by history
they all are here.
Like those sprawling pages
Spreading thoughts
A web of enticing words
A spider hung upside down
in between
Books and human
Aren’t they same in nature?

– Shail Agrawal

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