Poetry Here & Now: In A whirlwind -Shail Agrawal




When the darkness starts gathering

from every corner into her eyes

A lonely leaf tangles again with the storm

A panic spin, twirl, a dance

A whirl-wind romance

Of shedding passions

When not a bud or flower to touch or behold

Why this renewed hope of spring !






In a whirl-wind


 That tender new leaf

Little shy and young

Smiled and stepped into

Nature’s majestic ball.


Her gold and emerald gown

Glided and gleamed

When she danced all night

In the arms of a rugged branch.


Fiery rubies were her jewels.

She wore the necklace of frosty pearls.

Like a princess she shimmered

Commanding every attention.


Swinging to the tune of the wind

Her joys knew no bound

Till it was midnight and time to fall

With other leaves on the ground.


In the autumn of her passion

she laid there cold and pale.

Not knowing how to stick,

yield, or surrender.


With a crumbling rippled surface

And a seething volcano within.



She kissed lovingly again and again

my forehead and red hot cheeks.

Gently cusping my face

in her old wrinkled hands.

“Do not cry my precious,

It breaks my heart to see these tears.

Take care of yourself and yours.

Come back soon.

I will only be here

sitting in the same place, alive and well

waiting for you, you know where.”

Wiping those tears she spoke

in a soft far away voice.

I felt proud and content in her silky soothing touch.

And warm loving eyes.

For I was her entire world

From the beginning right to the end.

Searching aimlessly in my bag

I managed to say goodbye.

Yes, I did not have the courage

to look in those tearful eyes.

Feeling mean and selfish

I dragged myself towards the door.

Suddenly the big airport corridors opened wide

swallowing everything familiar or mine.

A choking pain shot upward inside

leaving me weak and void.

Shaking knees refused to support.

Gasping for air, I held the nearby wall.

Slowly, a realisation was dawning

No, there will not be any more next time.

Held back tears ran riot

drenching me from head to toe.

“Passport please,” an officer asked,

“Is this your first time ever.”

“No, not really.” clearing my throat,

I mumbled the meaningless words.

-Shail Agrawal



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