My Column : Our adjusting World !

We are changing and we are learning.
Cleaner air, fresher water and less wastage, fear is not bad always. It sharpens us, prompts us to be more alert and active and best of all prepares us how to survive the worst.
Despite all that boredom and frustration, We have learnt a lot from this restrictive lock-down period. We are closer to life and started caring for what is really valuable to us; our family and friends. Paper money, mad shopping, designer clothes , mad race to the top ; these crazy and destructive pursuits have lost its’ shine. This stop leak of resources is not only good for world’s human population, but to the climate also. Many Cities air has gone clearer with birds chirping in the trees and sky shimmering with the stars. Question is will it remain so, or will we revert back to our old habits of unnecessary waste!
A thought definitely to mull and chew over. Adjustment is not bad, if it improves and benefits all.

Till we meet again in July with a fresher and newer issue of ‘Lekhni’ celebrating love and joy, Pls.take care and look after yourself and yours.
Shail Agrawal

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