Poetry Here & Now: Harihar Jha, Shail Agrawal

Be it Kargil or Gallipoli

Hide and seek with the death
Be it Kargil or Gallipoli

The truth in the chess of war
No one is king or pawn
when hit by a bullet in the chest
Be it Kargil or Gallipoli

One who is martyr in the war
hailed as a champion in the history
after dying in the bloodbath
Be it Kargil or Gallipoli

everyone respects the martyr
man in the street and the noble
sacrifice, the paradigm of society
Be it Kargil or Gallipoli

Deceit with their own life
sympathy with the crying wife
the little girl still very innocent
Be it Kargil or Gallipoli

-Harihar Jha

Switch on the light, Switch on the light
We are living in the darkest era of mankind
Sometimes it requires a lot of courage
To recognise and forgive

in our shameless greed and painful fallings

Forgiveness is just not forgiving only

it also means to adjust with time.
Shail Agrawal

In my solitude

to adorn the bleak cells
of my empty heart.
I stole a few colours

From the palette of the memory
and painted a picture of different hue
To bemuse and comfort me

Now this picture
Call out my name, clear and loud
even in a crowded room.

I know these shadows
ghosts of a buried past
belong to the land of the dead only

Like a forgotten calendar of bygone dates
it’s pretty picture gathering the dust of time
Still I fondly cling to it.

Nail keeps on piercing the heart
But my pretty pictures
Howsoever outdated you may be

Howsoever Painful you may be
do not burst out in a beautiful swan-song
Like that essential breath of life,
we need each other all the time.
Shail Agrawal

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