My Column/ April May 2015

My columnWhenever things are totally dark and bleak hope sprouts up in the form of a new shoot or a new bud to lighten up the landscape. Only requirement is that one should not give up and wait. Let us pray that this un-defiant and brave human spirit continues and God keeps us resilient and tolerant enough so we do not  give in and keep believing in mankind and its protector God.  Let us pray that we keep on helping and supporting each other even though circumstances and situations around us weigh us down. Let us all be a supportive brother to each other in difficult times , be it Nepal, Nigeria or Syria.

We have assembled some good read in this issue, including some regional flavours from India and around , like a Rajasthani story by Meethesh Nirmohi and few Nepali poems by Basudev Adhikari , all translated in English .

Monsoon is about to start and we are talking about boats in the next issue of Lekhni. Boats like rivers have made a big contribution in human life; not only in connecting civilization commercially but in human hope and aspirations also.  Will you like to share them in a creative form ? Your positive and honest views are welcome in the form of an article, poem or a story. Last day for submission is June 10’th. by email-

Enjoy, and keep us posted on your news and views.

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