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Time is a continuous flow of a no return commodity, yet we all try to return in our memories, in our hopes and aspirations. Return or revisit the places we have been or people we like, but can we really return to the same place or person or even a scenery again without any change, is it really possible?

May be not, yet we return to moisten with that last joyous droplet of memory, which mighty time is unable to wipe. We return to re-live, satisfy and enrich, to improve, even to lament sometimes !

We all know we can not really stick back a single fallen leaf from the tree of time, yet we keep on trying, well knowing no genius has mastered this art or science yet. Time is still a point of no return

In this issue of Lekhni we are just trying to return to normality, to the joys and celebrations of life and creativity with all its sweetness as well as its thorns and tears capsuled inside our hopes and memory. This power and play… expressions of the words, our sages raised it to the status of God. They declared‘ शब्द ही बृह्म है’ meaning Words are God itself.

Words create , destroy.   Linger on… in hearts, in scriptures fecilating knowledge, discipline and satisfaction, play with and inspire emotiobs; no wonder man kind has returned to them again and again. turn these leaves, hope you will find newly decked Lekhni as much interesting, as you have liked and read them in the past.

Also tell us what we are doing right, where we are going wrong? your comments, suggestions, contributions are always welcome!

Happy reading,

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