Talk About: Basudev Adhikari/ October November 2014

( In response of Modi’s recent visit t0 Nepal , this article was originally written as an editorial for his magazine by the writer, translated by one of his friend for Lekhni’s readers.)


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It is rare for Nepal to have our great neighbour Indian prime minister visiting Nepal. They are busy to some extent and grossly suffering from the non-sensitive disease towards their small neighbours. The popular Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi got rid of this disease after 17 years. He came to Nepal in an appropriate time and addressed the constituent assembly of Nepal. He presented himself in different tune than the government tune of India in the past. Generally, we the people of small country present a long list of assistance/grant from the large and developed economy. Our position is not less than the winter tap of meagre water crowded by a long queue of water fetchers around it bearing buckets and water pots/jars in large amount. At that time, neither we take account of our sovereignty nor do they too pay any attention to it. Our relationship turns to be of donor and beggar rather than of co-work. Everyone becomes happy when he gets something by begging. It is not known while standing in queue for begging that the begged stuff cannot meet the hunger. We know the fact right after the calories of begged stuff is over. Then we realize that it would have been better to have half square meal earned from own efforts/doings than the full square meal by begging. This story has been repeated time and again. There is a real difference between tummy filled by begged stuff and hard-earned meal. This time Mr. Modi has come to Kathmandu, a little differently. His visit seems to get blessing from Lord Pashupatinath and raise questions with respect to development and social relationship than to distribute the sweets to beggars. The objective seemed noble. In turn, he then raised some simple questions. Addressing to the Constituent Assembly he said, “It is not our job to show the path to you. Our job is to be useful in your path you have selected or committed”. This statement of Mr. Modi is comprehensive and with gesture of goodwill. While addressing, he expressed a view on boarders to have acted as a bridge between/among the countries instead of resistance. The World suffering from meaningless, instead of meaning full war is now needed to unleash the loop we have made through our efforts. We suffering from small and big wars now need to unleash the loop instead of making it more complex. Why we need to undergo through a big effort to unlock the small padlock? Why we need meaningless huge effort? Why we create big chaos when it can be solved through understanding? Mr. Modi presented himself openly in the Constituent Assembly of Nepal. The issues raised during the address were meaningful. He self-realized the fact that Buddha was born in Nepal and proceeded ahead with other issues. He also brought forth the matter of water in mountain and development during his address. He spoke to HIT Nepal. HIT means, Highways, Information-ways, Transways (Transmission lines) and he expressed his intension to extend support in these sectors. Merely giver of HIT giving is not sufficient, the taker has also to be able to take it and has to increase the taking capacity. Although, his giving intension is not narrow. In addition to the many issues he spoke about, the issue of was heart touching against constitution drafting, its importance and responsibility of constitution drafting in building the era. This has been liked by many. I the fire maker of poem liked more than any other this statement of Mr. Modi. He said, “Country’s constitution gives birth to the new conducts in your life. Directing to new era is done through the constitution. Which in many times ago saints did through Vedas, Puranas and Sanhitas do. …But there are preconditions of constitution drafting. It is necessary to have saintly intension while drafting constitution. That intension, which has vision, the intension which can ensure the safety of the society and guarantee it through the letters foreseeing the things of hundred years down the road for economic prosperity of the society. … In the blueprint of history there was emperor Ashok who came out in search of peace after the war. He surrendered himself in the lotus feet of Buddha leaving the war behind and a new golden page got crafted. … I give them due honor who left the path of war and followed the path of peace.”   It was an august expression of Mr. Modi with respect to constitution writing. He said, “Constitution shall be the strongest path of directing from problem to solution. Therefore, irrespective whether it is plain or mountain constitution shall join them all. Constitution has thousands such good things; short sighted or non-sighted is one aspect which may come without your notice in the constitution. But 50 years or 100 years down the line, such short sighted or non-sighted couple of aspects should not sprout as poison tree nor grow into giant poison tree which can shatter the dream of Nepal.” In his statement, there was simplicity, poetic, farsightedness and sensitivity of all the matters. He also threw double fistful light in our mindset clearing the entangled water politics making it public the possibility of chasing away the darkness of India through the immense potential of Nepal’s hydro electricity during his speech. Paying back with bad deeds against the good deeds done and inability are impediments of development and the revenge and die hardness are resistance. He diverted the attention of all analyzing it from different angle of the politics of Nepal which has been fed and grown by India towards saints who used to spread the knowledge of civilization through the den. Saints are not merely the symbol of penance they are replica of selflessness. We who are encircled with selfness in every step we have to learn a good lesson from the saints who threw light in the dark and are famous for devotion and selflessness. Mr. Modi has compared constitution drafting with farsightedness and selflessness. He talked about letter of constitution, its objective and underlying power and mess in full stops. Mr. Modi who is dedicated in protection of his 1.3 billion country people urged for constitution drafting without pause and resistance borrowing intension of saint and is really worth thinking. His expression is simple, easy and deep in thought.   Saints are jewels of eastern civilization and are knowledge-star. They are replica of devotion not of consumption. They can see three tenses/lives, and can visualize impending calamity. They can predict likely possibilities when they are meditating. Saints can be featherweight and can be luminous. The element, which is luminous, cannot be weighty. They can reach to the mind and heart of intended persons and address them. Their knowledge is free from materialism but connected to the mind and is lightening the entire eastern knowledge, its revival and experiment since long. That light is still guiding the path of humankind. In fact, vision of saint is near to the truth. Many saints did not get the fame of North Star (Dhruba Star). Saintly intension is inner saintly light of those saints. Under which light it can recognize past, present and future. Although saints look far from humanly life they are non-personal and luminous through self knowledge. Good humans had brought things of Mr. Modi in the fore in the past. Different kinds of arrogances had stopped these things. The business, which is not reliable to others and beneficial to self, dominated the politics. Efforts done not to learn from saintly wisdom but it dominated the saints by denouncing them and taking blessing (tika) of ash by burning the own house. Perhaps Mr. Modi has kept this august view and made timely expression by knowing our reality. This remark of Mr. Modi has touched all except supporting the divisionism and regular chaos creators. It is common to show concern by Mr. Modi and Mr. Xi Jinping and others towards constitution drafting as political stability is common agenda. In this suggestion, they have expected better political stability than fulfillment of their self-interest, which is natural. This is the most powerful question Mr. Modi has raised with respect to subject of regional concern that is constitution drafting of Nepal. Constitution drafting is our common agenda and responsibility. Mr. Modi has just expressed his best wishes. How do we unite the people? How we include them in development rhythm? Do we divide our people in sates or castes or does the country embrace them? This is our job and is our test of capability. This capability can be found when we invoke saintly intension. Invocation of saintly intension is showing the path it is not dictation. There is no harm in accepting the suggestion of Mr. Modi and adopting it.

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