Poetry Here & Now: Ashok Gupta: October/ November 2014

I deny


Growing up


receiving and giving untruth

in cool,

turning mature

and leaning towards cunningness

keeping polished smile.

Growing up


denying innocence,

denying the natural thrust

masking it

under perfumed costume.

Under blue sky


spread of stars and moon

on open terrace,

there is no place for grown ups.

there is no place for grown ups

in garden,

in melancholy room

where you and I sit

and listen Santur recital.

I deny growing up,


disowning myself

for any good reason,


or tomorrow…

I doubt.


I love to allow


roling on my face

out of

joy and grief,

for grown up people

it is

neither a need


a possibility.

I shout loudly the forbidden name

which gives me life

I believe very much jn such rejuvenation.

I wonder

any grown up

can keep such believe.

I see dreams,

witness some face in clouds

and earn delight,

Do you know any grown up

with such silly traits ?,

I doubt.

Ashok Gupta

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