My Column/October-November 2014

bigben-2Faith, Belief, Duty…what is a religion? What are the definition and ethic of morality? Is it generated by social and political needs or even innumerable manipulations or is it an individual free will and responsibility?


In modern man’s context, this question is as intangible, as modern man’s progressive but aloof and busy lifestyle itself! When there are thousands and thousands of religion strewn around the world, how one chooses? How he can tailor or derive morality, ethics, laws to his preferred lifestyle? Though Doctrines give birth to a duty, but need surpasses it all. So first line of action should be the eradication of need…like poverty, hunger and injustice from the society, not just securing a self and comfortable place in an unseen heaven; only then we will progress from the jungle to the civil. Our time tested wisdom of One for all and all for one is the only remedy for the present also. One can only be happy, if everybody around is happy. That is why our ancestors prayed ‘सर्वे भवन्तु सुखिनः’


Religion is not just a personal belief it is eminently social.[ Yet there are all sorts of atrocities and violence committed in the name of a religion in many societies , to advance a selfish goal. A thorough cleansing of inside and outside is required. Hope a new era of wisdom dawns and we start to share and feel and live in harmony with others. Today on second of October on the 145 birth anniversary , Lekhni pays tribute to the one of the greatest thinker and reformer of our time Mahatma Gandhi in his own words –‘ वैष्णव जन ते तेने कहिए जे पीर पराई जाणे रे’-Saints are those who feel the sufferings of others.

140314-152609-Shail Agrawal

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