Poetry Here & Now: Satyendra Srivastava-Lekhni-January-February 17

For just a moment
cc by-nc-nd Bruno Monginoux www.photo-paysage.com & www.landscape-photo.net
I saw you
for just a moment
so many icy rocks
bent and cracked
one after the other
layer after layer opened
it was just for a moment
your lips
began to pick at
unclear words just as the
sparrow picks at grain
the stillness of silent tension
surrounded the mind which
began to draw together
like tired evening light
then in the panting veins
your features awoke like a scorching pan
began to burn the frozen blood
melted everything
the lips still trembled
like new leaves
in the eyes
the rocks were gone and
new grow had begun to show again
and at that very moment
I held you tight for the first time
and kissed you
layer after layer opened
it was just for a moment.

Yellow blossoms in the February winds
cc by-nc-nd Bruno Monginoux www.photo-paysage.com & www.landscape-photo.net
All over the ripe fields
Struggling in the winds of spring
Standing erect each on its own
Surrounded by shivering creepers
These are the flowers of Feburay
What should I call them
Whom should I name for their pledge of love
Their golden specles of the season
Gleaming on the surface
Here and there the sudden gusts of yet cold winds
Their whistling
Striking the distant trees
And all around the palaces of nothingness
The sunbeams move in ornate jollity
It’s here
The joy of spring
From the chambers of shadows emerge bells of silver rays
reflections of clouds
Continuously returning stubborn winds
Embrace the stems of the plants
Down to the roots
And bashful petals
Covering their faces
Cascading one-by-one, they scatter, disperse the saffron coloured scent
And the grass on the ground
Starts to gleam more than I have
Ever seen!

Translation: Jutta Austin.

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