My Column: Lekhni-January-Februrary 17

My columnTime is really rolling by. We have already wrapped up 2016 and stepped into 2017. It wasn’t very long when we were on the eve of new century and were dreaming of a bright, thrust forwarding and trust worthy century which will treat everybody equally and will bring happiness for all.
Lot has happened and changed since then, one thing which has not changed is this time ,this man made time of no real substance; one of the basic tools around which human civilisation to weave life’s tapestry. However tangible time is we cannot ignore its importance or get away from its clutches. No wonder many has proclaimed it the biggest reality of our life. It teaches us, guides us, prepares us and punishes us. Everything is fine when it is with us.
Probably it is better to have some control on this span we call life, then living in a black hole, without any agenda or timetable. It gives us stimulus, controls our activities and gives us a guideline to organise ourselves and our lives. Helps us to sleep and stay awake. Probably this is the reason we still measure and count it in seconds, minutes, hours, days , month and years, marking, remembering, lamenting and celebrating its each and every tick… are chained to its rhythm.
Celebrating New year’s eve has become a world-wide ritual. People party whole night, drink and dance and sometimes do the unthinkable under the influence or pretext of spirits. Whatever had happened this year in Bangluru puts every Indian to shame? How should we deal with this kind of unnecessary and brutal attack on human life and its basic value individual freedom? what is the appropriate punishment for such crimes? This is a question every responsible parent, family member…in fact every citizen should think seriously. Isn’t it time that we should change the habits, limit the intake of all these spirits and its lethal cocktails which knock down a human being to an animal’s level!
if possible, we all should try to make the world vice free, pretence free, hate free, war free…wish list goes on ….I really wish we all had a magic wand which turns all the vices into virtues , our anger and frustration not in rape and violence on weaker sex but care and respect for them, all our failures into our success.
Agreed, that we all are human only, and it is hard to shake off the habits specially the bad ones.Still, try we must.
Lekhni is a movement of this trial and error only…a quest in search of beautiful and worth preserving, be it art, literature or life itself.
All friends are invited to join this yagna with their thoughts written in words, in a form of prose or poetry , whatever they like.
statistics tell that you are reading Lekhni. If you will write your reactions it will be not only a reward but an encouragement to make it better.
Wishing you a Bright and breezy new year!
A gentle reminder that next issue is going to be our 108 issue and first for the 11’th year of Lekhni’s this on going journey. New or novel is the biggest attraction for human eyes and mind and this itself is the theme of this new issue. All ideas are welcome.
Keep reading and writing.
Shail Agrawal

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