My Column: May-June 19

So many people , places, events , civilizations!

So many years have gone by since man came to live on this earth.
No wonder so many stories are scattered all around us. Quite a few of our own also always ready to be told. Memories which are too sweet or bitter dig in deep and become the part of our being, our habits and prejudices . We never forget them. More shocking they are, worst they are to forget or put aside. I still remember many many years back when I squeezed my-self and offered a local boy to sit beside me, because his bag was too heavy , he bluntly re-fused , saying he does not sit beside ‘ Pakies’. Every Asian was ‘paki’ then. It dented my kind and humanitarian heart and its values. Another bad one was when Few years back a youth flashed indecently and made some unprovoked rude gestures. His anger wasn’t targeted against any individual, but towards the whole of Asian community and perhaps towards his failed and neglected aspirations also. Thought of handing him over to the police came to the mind, but then ignoring him completely I forgave. Probably he was a mentally ill person and came from a deprived and desolate or broken parental background. Perhaps how to live and accommodate other fellow beings harmoniously should be a subject taught in the schools, along with the numbers and alphabets. Understanding and controlling our feelings is as important a skill in survival as is nourishing and nurturing one’s body and soul.
There are lot of happy and kind one also. One which fill the heart with joy and bring back faith in humanity. A whole book can be written on them. Any way What are we ? Nothing but our experiences and memories. It is memory only which lets us develop and learn. Recognise people, places and things., develop our own catalogue of habits, like and dislikes—what we call individual or social behaviour and expressions…In fact all sort of art and science. In short memory brings familiarity in an unfamiliar and strange world.
In this issue we are specially celebrating the magic of this memory only and telling our exciting, happy and sad memorable stories, Browse through, you may like them. They might tick-le you or bring a tear to your eyes, If not, I am sure they will definitely pause you to ponder.
Happy digging.

Shail Agrawal

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