Poetry Here & Now: Minu Agrawal


The world has moved a long way
Or we can say thinking has changed
We do not burn women as witches
Nor as Satis
Unmarried mothers are not stigmatized
People are not ostracized or punished
For what used to be called being queer

It is said
Nothing is right or wrong
We must accept everything as it is
Everybody as they are

But how can it be for everything and everybody
How can I accept a paedophile
How can I accept a rapist
How can I accept a mass murderer?


What an amazing instrument human mind is
It believes what it wants to
Sometimes even against all the evidences
It filters the information
Puts it in compartments
Remembers and believes something
And forgets and condemns others
It could be Government
Supplying the information of their choice
People in China were deprived of
The knowledge of one of the greatest
Achievement of fellow men
The man’s landing on the Moon
They were denied the evidence
The photographic journalism and
Television pictures censored by the authority
But what can you say about the
Thinking of the person
Who in spite of all these evidence
Still believes with full fervour
That holocaust never happened !

We all want to have our own way
Don’t we?
The people who are rich and successful
Or are powerful
They do not achieve their wealth, power and success
Considering others’ convenience or position.
For them having their own way is called

Drive, will power and resoluteness.
But for the common folk
It is named as stubbornness
Lack of consideration

Even lack of decent feeling for others!

Minu Agrawal

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