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According to dictionary an anecdote is a short amusing or interesting story about a real incident or a person, like “he told anecdotes about his job or holiday”
Its synonyms are: Story, tale, · narrative, ·sketch, · urban myth, urban legend,· ·reminiscence etc.
And we have gathered few of these for you to read, think and ponder.
Hope you will enjoy a good dig in.
Wishing you all the best for the forthcoming festival of Navratri, Durgapuja, Dashahra & Diwali.
Enjoy and take care of your’s and yourself till we meet again in the month of November with a brand new issue of Lekhni , which will focus on Kashmir. It’s beauty and burning questions. Joy and its pain. Last date for submission of original essays , poems and stories etc. is 20th of October.
Your Friend,
Shail Agrawal

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