My Column: A Short Short Story

World is changing right in front of our eyes and we are trying to adjust to this new realty. Trying to absorb this abnormal as a new normal…eroding earth and flooded homes, unheard poverty and hunger trying to survive in a Corona struck world… masking our smiles behind a mask but still our eyes are full of hope- one day we might overcome this man-made disaster!
Can we?
There is plenty of time , yet no body has got any time. If nothing , they are busy chatting, chatting on phone, chatting on zoom, messaging each other all the time. There are no real people around just the voices flying around like birds.

No School no real education , still children passed their academic year.

World is changing and we can not do anything, this is our new reality!

A well-written short story can really do wonders. Many of these stories take you for an emotional ride.

Shail Agrawal

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