My Column: What we don’t need…

Floods, Racial tensions and on top of that Corona virus. Whole world has been put on the back foot , on the defence of almost a war-time preparation to stop this domino effect.

They say it all probably started with the greed of power only. In the Wuhan province of China , in search of a weapon for a biological war. While others say because somebody ate meat of a wild bat.

One bat and such a destructive chaos that the whole world is trembling!

We human do not need it. What we need is love and understanding . Care and thought about each other without the scare. We survived Ebola and Sars and even if we survive this virus, some new threats will keep on emerging because human greed knows no end.

Our global weather is getting extreme. Today we got our first refugee of climate change. Danger bells are ringing but we are not listening. Well they say bats are blind and probably so are we. May be deaf also, God save us all!

Shail Agrawal

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