My Column: Fly in the Ointment

This present situation of epidemic is Out of control in many parts of the globe. There seems to be no light at the End of tunnel. This virus is very different and clever. It mutates itself so fast according to the race culture and climate that scientists are puzzled all over the world.
We all were happy, living our normal trouble-riddled life, coping and marching forward in our set routine before its arrival. Suddenly this Corona came and in a jiffy, everything changed. We were masked and isolated, forced to meet each-other on a virtual platform only, yet we are not out of danger, feels like never will be. Death is having last laugh wiping human life from the face of earth indiscriminately. We all rich and poor, are sitting preys to it. Who will be next, no body can guess or knows. It is not easy to find the light on the darkest night, yet we have to remain hopeful and cheerful. Now when we all are locked into our own spaces, cannot go out, feel the touch, feel the nature this issue is devoted to the splendid recalls of nature and tireless quests of human mind.
Hope You Will enjoy this small assemble we have put up for you. Lord Alfred Tennyson was a philosophic as well as caring in his creations, perfect for the present climate. We have hand picked some beautiful poems of his. In poetry here and now- Martin Underwood’s poems deal with the two iconic images of Birmingham towards the end of last Century . While pigeons of Soho road has been replaced by some new supermarket, Iron-man is still there. My poem describes how I feel about Birmingham and Varanasi. Shushant Supriye’s Story deals with fears. Hope you will enjoy reading it all. Please do respond and tell us what you liked , what you did not. As this will guide and help us for future planning. Next July and August issue is on Childhood. Its pranks and trials and tribulations. Last date for submission is June 15’th at
Look after yourself and yours. Keep writing and reading, till we meet again.

Shail Agrawal

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