My Column: Our Changing World!

Computerised cars and planes, household-appliances, we are now fully wired for our existence. Not only our houses are becoming express highways of knowledge, robots cleaning our home, making chappatis, putting not only light and curtains, but our favourite music also in a dimmed light and soft atmosphere ; call it progress or total dependence on artificial intelligence. These modern comforts have an invasive nature with its own kind of comfort and confusion. Highstreets as we knew till now, diminishing fast , because customer get better and cheaper deals on internet. There are even talks of artificial moon , which may replace the streel lights and lit up our dark streets from the space…quite innovative thought indeed. This progress of science is giving us not only new appliances and techniques, test tube babies but may give test tubed limbs also in future! Quite a comforting thought for needy patients.
When everything is so readily and easily available , longing and intensity of feelings is slipping fast . Agreed, our world is changing , but are we ready for it, adjusting with it? Speed is exciting , has its thrills, but it often deafens us to the quiet and peaceful moments, like the simple and daily sound of a running brook or breeze….chirping of birds, laughter and whisper of our own kids…sounds which are calming and rejuvenating in the background. In this mad rush of achieving it all are we not forgetting the simple pleasures of life and are almost ready to throw the baby with the bath water? What is the point in living up to hundred or beyond on artificial limbs if there is no peace or happiness inside. Somehow have to find a way preserving our sanity and rescuing ourselves from turning into a machine or robot in this mechanical age… living in our changing world how we want to live, not just imitating how everybody else living. Preserves our human values , so we may not stoop to a robotic existence of no feelings and understanding towards each other!
Art or literature just hints, doesn’t lay down the rules. Lekhni has also assembled some beautiful poems and story, which will compel you to think.

As Wordsworth said -Child is the father of man- Our next issue is on the joys and pleasures, innocence of childhood. e.mail to send your entries is last date for submission 20’th December.
Wishing all our readers a very happy and joyous yuletide season!

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