My Column/Lekhni-January-Feburary 18

Another year has slipped into the pages of history and we somehow have survived it to see and welcome 2018, specially in present climate when the whole world seems to be sitting on the volcano of greed and insecurity . Bitcoins and what not…lot of foolish tricks to blindfold us all.
Monetary issues are top of the list of most of the nations and they seem to govern and dictate each and every policy…be it normal relationship or even war or peace with others.
Here Britain is not out or in, but still dizzy in its Brexit merry-go-round. India is trying to improve everything at home and abroad…particularly its relationship with it’s neighbours and on the world stage…what is happening inside the country is still far from the ideal, yet things are coming out in open and that is a good thing. Gone are the days when ‘Thekedars’ and ’Netajsi’ used to dictate the rule , now even the chief justice are under observation and question…This is new India…developing India…and we Indians somewhat are proud of this development, this openness.
Hopefully this change towards fairness is a lasting one and an honest India is really taking shape.
In this new Issue of Lekhni, we have tried to catch few glimpses of this developing India, which is trying very hard in both body and soul an all-out holistic approach . Rooted deeply in its traditions and philosophy of Hindutva yet its action branches ready to embrace the big wide world in the spirit of वसुधैव कुटुम्बकम…World a big family and for the benefit of all!!
Magic of Modi is not only working but filling the hearts of Indians everywhere with a vigour and pride. Let’s hope it continues and 2018 will be a much happier and peaceful year in world relationships, will bring peace and prosperity for all!
Shail Agrawal

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