Story Children: Magic Of Christmas-Shail Agrawal

It was freezing wintry morning. Yet magic of Christmas was everywhere. Children were very excited about their long-awaited trip to London. Lot to shop, enjoy and eat, whole day’s spread was really bewitching.
They started early and went to a big toy-shop first, where a man size toy soldier greeted them with a royal salute. Kate and Robin were so excited seeing him that they went in and out twice so they can see him again and again, till mum and dad asked them to calm down.
Now In front of them was a big cave sort of structure where a real Santa was waiting for them. Well he looked real enough as he hugged them, and gave them some real sweets. They even sat in his reindeer sleigh. but Kate was more interested in silver door which definitely hid lots of secrets- she thought.
As soon as Mum and dad finished the shopping, they wanted to collect the kids from Santa’s cave. But Kate and Robin were not there to be found. No body knew where they were, as the room was full of people and waiting children and man who was playing Santa was busy with other children and he thought they both left with their parents long time back. It was not his responsibility any way. He was really sorry and hoped that worried parents will be soon united with their kids!
Now it was the panic time for Mum and Dad . Immediately security was alerted and all eyes were on the security cameras mounted everywhere in the store. Suddenly one guard noticed two kids playing on heap of toys pretending to be Santa themselves, giving each other new gifts of different toys. Yes, you guessed it right they were our kate and Robin.
Thanks to the camera number six that they were spotted so quickly, because camera was right behind the silver door only, from which Kate and Robin slipped in and accidently landed on the heap of new toys, unhurt.
Mum and Dad were very much relieved to see them and soon with security guards help, who unlocked the basement , were reunited with the children.
Finding the children safely back was the best gift they could have hoped for.
They showered them with love and warned them never to venture out alone. They were lucky that they found each other and magic of Christmas was not ruined. But they may not be that lucky all the time.
If you want the sweet magic of Christmas not to break into a night-mare, remember, every place does not have a security camera and even if they have it , it is not always that easy to access the footage. So the first thing for children to remember is never leave the hand of parents or guardian when they are out and about. And if you have to really go, inform them where you are going and take permission before you go to avoid any panic or mishap.

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